Zipit Bedding Update – Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald – Season 5 Episode 21


ZipIt Bedding, a zip-on top sheet, and comforter system is pitched by Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald in episode 517 on February 28. Children despise having to make their beds, as the two mothers are well aware. They were seeking for a solution to make the top sheet and comforter one unit because they constantly had the sheets balled up in a lump. Smart Bedding was formed when the two got along.

Product Details:

ZipIt Bedding is a bedding set that includes a sheet and a comforter. The sheet and comforter zip together to form a single, seamless bed cover, similar to a sleeping bag. It provides the extra layer of protection and cleanliness of a sheet without the inconvenience of dealing with a bunched-up top sheet every time you make your bed. It takes around a minute and a half to make a standard bed; with ZipIt Bedding, it just takes two or three seconds.
ZipIt is now available in two sizes: twin and full. Queen, king, and California king sizes are all in the works for the future. A comforter, pillowcase, and fitted sheet are included in each 3-piece set. The full-size set costs $65, while the twin set costs $55.

Hayley and Jennifer will very certainly want the assistance of a Shark to assist them with the large-scale distribution.

Shark Tank Recap with ZipIt Bedding:

When Hayley and Jennifer go on Shark Tank, they are looking for a $75,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. They show how the comforter is attached to the fitted sheet with a zippered closure. The duo has created numerous other variants to accommodate bunk beds and other uses.

zip it shark tank

The application for a patent is still in the works. So far, they’ve sold 1,000 units and made $7,500, but they’ve lost money due to expenditures. Licensing the product has piqued the interest of a big bedding company. A 50,000 minimum order would be required, with a 4% commission on domestic sales and a 6% commission on overseas sales. The sisters visited with the firm, but the contract would not have placed the bedding on the shelves until the summer, and the sisters needed the goods for Christmas. The deal was turned rejected.

Shark Tank Update on ZipIt Bedding:

The women went forward with their strategy despite the Sharks’ disbelief in the marketing. The website is still up and running in 2015, and sales appear to be brisk, although customer reviews on at least one site indicate that some goods were never delivered. Is ZipIt unraveling at the seams, or will the women’s bedding business continue to thrive? Time will tell if this is the case.

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Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wal-Mart eventually carried the product. Only Wal Mart and Amazon have these as of May 2022. The company has a $3 million annual revenue.

ZipIt Bedding was founded by who?

Zipit Bedding was founded by Jennifer MacDonald, a co-founder. Zipit bedding is available in twin, queen, and king sizes and is made to accommodate a number of sleeping configurations, including bunk beds, Murphy beds, and trundles.

The matching pillowcases are included with every transaction, so you won’t have to stuff floppy pillows into tiny cases.

Zipit Bedding is the epitome of style, sophistication, comfort, and convenience. Everyone’s life is made easier by it.

Prior to Shark Tank, ZipIt Bedding

ZipIt Bedding, a top sheet and comforter system that zips onto the bed, was launched by Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald on February 28.

Both parents know that their kids dislike making their beds. The girls curled their sheets into balls and tried to figure out how to merge the top sheet and the comforter. Smart Bedding came to reality because of its distinct concept.

Sheets and comforter are included in the ZipIt Bedding set. The sheet and comforter zip together to create a seamless sleeping bag-style bed cover.

Because the top sheet gives protection and cleanliness to the bed, you won’t have to deal with a bunched-up top sheet every time you make it.

When compared to making a standard bed, ZipIt Bedding takes just two to three seconds.

zip it shark tank

ZipIts come in two sizes: full and twin. A queen, a king, and a California king are all in the cards for the future.

Each three-piece set comes complete with a comforter, matching pillowcases, and a fitted sheet. The cost of a twin set is $55, while the cost of a complete set is $65.

To process big-box distribution, Hayley and Jennifer will almost probably require a Shark’s help.

How did ZipIt Bedding Fare in the Shark Tank Pitch?

Hayley and Jennifer went on Shark Tank to ask for a $75,000 investment in ZipIt Bedding in exchange for a 20% interest.

A zipper connects a comforter to a fitted sheet in this video. They came up with a number of different designs to accommodate bunk beds and other requirements.

The application for a patent is still being processed. So far, the business has sold 1,000 units, earning $7,500 from a three-minute television commercial but losing money due to costs.

A major bedding manufacturer has expressed interest in licensing the product. Minimum order of $50,000 would be required, as well as a 4% local charge and a 6% international commission.

The sisters realized that the bedding would not be ready until the summer after visiting the company. They needed the bedding before the holidays. The contract was turned down by the two sisters.

More About :

Company Name Zipit Bedding
Entrepreneur Hailey Carr and Jennifer McDonald
Product Bed Set With A Sleeping Bag
Investment Asking For $75,000 For 20% equity in ZipIt Bedding
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 18
Business Status In Business


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