Zach and Zoe Honey Shark Tank Update 2022: What Happened To Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm After Accepts $200,000 From Barbara Corcoran?

zach and zoe honey shark tank update
SHARK TANK - Ò1310Ó Ð Daniel Lubetzky, executive chairman of KIND, returns to the Tank in an all-new episode. First into the tank are entrepreneurs from Charlotte, North Carolina, committed to giving back to the planet with their innovative cleaning alternative for every household. Entrepreneurs from Birmingham, Alabama, hope the Sharks will be impressed with the sales of their elevated reinvention of a childhood favorite. A husband-and-wife duo from Brookehaven, Georgia, reveal their cool and surprising approach to skincare; then a family of four from Kingwood, New Jersey, pitch their hobby-turned-business. In a Shark Tank update, lifelong friends Sean Riley, Jeff Klimkowski and Ryan Meegan from Chicago, Illinois, along with their investor, Mark Cuban, discuss how their award-winning product, Dude Wipes, is a perfect way to stay fresh while on the go on ÒShark Tank,Ó airing FRIDAY, NOV. 19 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard) ZACH JOHNSON, ZOè JOHNSON, KAM JOHNSON, SUMMER JOHNSON

What Is Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm?

Kam and Summer Johnson started Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm, a raw honey business, when their youngest son Zach, who has asthma, had “very bad” seasonal allergies.

The family decided to buy raw honey from local beekeepers after learning about the benefits of raw honey and how it may help prevent allergies through a concept called immunotherapy. They saw a substantial improvement in Zach’s allergies, which inspired the family to start beekeeping and make their own pure, raw honey free of pesticides and toxins.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm currently produces a variety of delicious raw honey products, such as Wildflower Honey with Fruits & Vegetables, Wildflower Honey Immunity Boosters, Wildflower Bee Pollen, Beeswax Candles, and more.

Who Is the Founder of Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm?


Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm was created by Kam and Summer Johnson. Zack is the one who originally introduced the family to raw honey. Raw honey functioned as immunotherapy for him because he had severe allergies.

It contains pollen since it is raw and unfiltered, which aided his immune system and eased his allergies. They bought raw honey from a few local beekeepers at first, but in 2015, they decided to start their own hives as a family project and as a way to give Zach honey.

In 2016, they started selling honey at the Stockton Market, a farmer’s market in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. In 2018, they set up stalls at two more farmer’s markets. In 2020, Oprah declared honey to be one of her favorite things, giving them their big break. In 2021, they were designated Chase Bank Brand Ambassadors.

The honey, which comes in one-pound jars, is flavored with lemon, lavender, cherry, blueberry, and other flavors. A jar costs $20 to $24 depending on the flavor. Some types, like blueberry, are only accessible at specific seasons of the year. Kam and Summer make honey on the farm and at a nearby commercial kitchen. They want to build a warehouse on the land in the future.

What Happened to Zach and Zoe’s Sweet Bee Farm During Their Shark Tank Pitch?

Zach, Zoe, Kam, and Summer Johnson attempt to create a buzz from the Sharks for Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm, their raw honey firm, in Shark Tank episode 1310. The pair is seeking a Shark to help them grow their company.

Zach, Zoe, Kam, and Summer went to Shark Tank in search of $150,000 in return for a 10% ownership in their $1.5 million company. They explain how to tell the difference between pure, raw honey and other honey. They went on to say that they hand-pick all of their belongings. Summer describes how they became beekeepers. Their factory is located in Lebanon, New Jersey.

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The family keeps 50 hives and purchases 80 percent of their honey from local beekeepers. They talk about how honey assisted Zach in overcoming his allergies. Lori had seen it before, and the Sharks are eating it up. Their visits to Macy’s and Bloomingdales, as well as media publicity, are mentioned by Kam. Sales were $62,000 in 2018, and $135,000 in 2019, up from $62,000 in 2018.

Sales were $401,000 in 2020, and they had climbed to $880,000 by the middle of 2021. Prior to the epidemic, farmer’s markets accounted for 70% of their revenue.

After the outbreak, they reversed the trend and now do 70% of their online sales without advertising. The cost of making each jar is $6, $13 for wholesale, and $20 for retail. Summer characterizes itself as a high-end brand that is somewhat more expensive than its competitors.

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The firm was accepted into Target’s incubation program, which was projected to increase revenue to $1.5 million. They are profitable and have a profit margin of 23%. The absence of bees is mentioned by Daniel. He inquires about their beekeeping endeavors, and they explain that they’re on a mission to educate the public about bees.

Mark chooses to venture out since he feels it will be difficult to scale. Daniel sees no way of fitting in, therefore he’s out. Lori swears she doesn’t eat honey, but she went out anyhow. Kevin compares the family to Wicked Good Cupcakes, which sold out to Hillshire Farms in June 2021, netting everyone involved “millions of dollars.”

He strikes the same arrangement with the Johnsons as he did with Wicked Good Cupcakes: $150,000 in return for no shares and a $1 per jar charge until the $150,000 is recouped. Following that, the fee was permanently decreased to 25 cents each year. After a pause, Barbara believes the family reminds her of herself. She believes they have a business empire and offers $200,000 in exchange for a 20% stake.

Barbara appears onstage with the family, and Kevin encourages them not to give up too much stock. Barbara is offered $200,000 in return for 12% stock shares by the family. Barbara replies with $200,000 in return for 15% of the company, to which they both accept, and they leave the pitch with the contract.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm?

Barbara Corcoran’s deal is undergoing due diligence, and the firm is still operational as of February 2022. The firm expected to make $1 million in sales each year.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm’s Net Worth:

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $1.5 million; following Barbara’s investment, the company was valued at $1.3 million. Since then, the company’s net worth may have surpassed pitch’s.


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