YouTube TV Sign In: Check Here How to Manage Account and Make Subscription Changes?

youtube tv sign in

Subscribers to YouTube TV may manage their accounts by adding new channels, changing billing and payment methods, and cancelling their subscriptions. Understanding all of these alternatives and how to get to them will assist ensure that the customer gets the most out of his or her experience.

After several price rises over the years for those who have been with the programme since the beginning, YouTube TV currently costs $64.99 per month. YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial to new customers as normal, however, it may be shorter or longer depending on any promotions the service is running at the time.

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It is critical to be aware of the numerous account choices accessible, whether you are a new or existing user. Fortunately, YouTube TV is a straightforward service to use, with Google making it easy to change a subscription through the user’s account area.

Changing the Settings on Your You Tube Tv Account:

youtube tv sign in

A subscriber’s Google account is connected to their YouTube TV account. This is usually determined when using a Google email address to sign up for the service for the first time. While all of the platform applications allow users to view certain account data, the website is the easiest place to access a YouTube TV’s account settings.

Using the Website, You May Change the Settings for YouTube Tv:

  1. Go to YouTube TV.
  2. Please log in.
  3. Select the profile icon (top-right)
  4. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Using Your Mobile Device, You May Access the YouTube Tv Settings:

On a mobile device, the number of modifications a subscriber may make to their YouTube TV account is limited. Users with iOS devices, for example, will need to go to the website. If customers wish to do this on their mobile device, they must go to YouTube TV using their mobile web browser rather than the iPhone or iPad app. Android users may access their YouTube TV accounts not just through the mobile web browser, but also using the Android app on their smartphones and tablets.

Open YouTube TV in Your Browser.

  • Select your profile photo.
  • Select Settings from the menu bar.
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The user will be offered a variety of options pertaining to the various elements of their membership once they enter the settings. Consider the term “membership.” The user can cancel or stop their YouTube TV membership, as well as add premium networks and channels to their subscription, by going to this area. It is, in essence, the primary interface for managing the subscription as a whole, as well as the material available through the individual’s YouTube TV plan.

Billing, Family Sharing, and Your Personal Space:

youtube tv sign in

The other parts of the Settings menu, aside from Membership, pertain to the many ways an account may be maintained. In other words, the aspects of a YouTube TV subscription that aren’t content. The Billing section, for example, gives an overview of how much a YouTube TV subscription costs. This covers not just the current monthly price and the next bill’s due date, but also payment management choices such as changing or adding a new payment method.

Family sharing and Area are two additional significant aspects of the Settings. Starting with the first, YouTube TV allows users to share their accounts with up to five additional persons. The user may manage who is a member of a YouTube TV family account under the Family sharing area of the settings menu, including adding and deleting specific members.

Then there’s the part about your home. Subscribers may modify what YouTube TV designates as the Home area by adjusting this section, which is labelled “Area” in the options menu. It’s critical to keep this part up to date because the defined Home region influences not just which devices may stream at the same time, but also other features, such as which local channels a subscriber has access to with their subscription.

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The settings page also includes options for tweaking the live guide, privacy settings, dark mode, and information on how Nielsen TV measurement data is gathered and how to opt-out. However, most customers are likely to desire access to the billing, family sharing, and area settings.

Summary of Your YouTube Tv Account Management:

youtube tv sign in

Subscribers to YouTube TV may use the Settings area of their accounts to make a variety of changes to their accounts. They’ll be able to access Membership and Billing once they’re in the Settings area, where they may make changes like cancelling their subscription or changing their payment method. Subscribers may also manage family members, change their home area location, and update their privacy preferences, among other things, to better tailor their entire live TV experience.

The simplest method to get to the Settings area of the YouTube TV website is to go to it directly from a desktop or mobile web browser. This is the situation for people who use a smart TV, streaming player, or iOS device to view YouTube TV. Android users, on the other hand, will be able to make many of the same changes to their accounts straight through the YouTube TV Android app.

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