Yellow Heart on Snapchat: What Is the Purpose of The Yellow Heart Emoji on Snapchat?


The emojis on Snapchat are all symbolic. The yellow heart emoji, which denotes that you are the user’s top buddy and that the user is yours, is the most popular on Snapchat.

When you Snapchat someone, their name appears with the Snapchat emoticons. The emoji meanings for Snapchat indicate the kind of connection you have with the user. Additionally, the meanings of the Snapchat emojis convey your relationship with the user’s age. Knowing how the app functions are essential for those who wish to succeed at Snapchat marketing.

You only need to send numerous snaps to one another in order to obtain the yellow heart. But you have to do this more frequently than with other users. It can be harder for you to get the yellow heart if a lot of people are regularly seeing snaps from one or both of you.

The competition for best buddy status will grow as there will be more people to contend with. However, make an effort to snap photos as regularly as you can if you really want to win someone over and earn the yellow heart.

Can You Get the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Without Using Multiple Accounts?

Unfortunately, it takes several people to obtain a yellow heart. You must put up some work and time to keep up your best friend status with another user in order to maintain the yellow heart, which represents a special emoji. Notably, obtaining the yellow heart emoji is still simpler than obtaining the red or pink versions.

A pink heart indicates that you have been best friends for at least two months, while a red heart indicates that you have been best friends for more than two weeks.

Simply stop snapping at your current partner and start snapping at the person you want to be best friends with if you want to get the yellow heart with someone other than the person you now have it with.

The Motives Behind Why So Many People Want a Yellow Heart


One of the most sought-after emoticons on Snapchat is the yellow heart, which can only be shared with another user. This emoji symbolizes the relationship of a best friend. Only the person you share the most photos with will experience it.

The red and pink hearts are more complex friendship emoticons, but the yellow heart is just the first step. Additionally, the yellow heart might reveal who is your closest Snapchat friend.

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What do the emojis on Snapchat mean?



The meanings of Snapchat emoticons represent the degree or kind of your relationship with another user. Understanding the meanings of Snapchat emoticons is crucial if you want your Snapchat marketing to be successful. Let’s explore what the various emojis mean.

Emojis with a heart

Orange Heart

You already know that this emoji means that you are the platform user’s best buddy and that you are the user’s best friend. The most frequent recipient of your photographs reciprocates in kind. It is also referred to as the “besties” emoji.

Heart Red

This one indicates that the yellow heart has moved on. You’ve been the user’s best buddy for two weeks if you have a red heart next to your name.

The red heart emoji is valid for two months or until one of the following occurs: two people are no longer best friends. This symbol is often referred to as the BFF symbol.

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Purple Hearts

This represents the pinnacle of best friend status on Snapchat. These hearts show that for the past two months, you and the user have consistently maintained the best friend status. You have to work hard to keep up such a strong devotion on Snapchat.

Gaining this level of friendship on Snapchat means you’ve accomplished a major milestone because it’s the last one. This symbol is often referred to as the super BFF emoji.

The significance of the Snapchat Yellow Heart

Because it can only be shared with another person, the Snapchat yellow heart is significant.
Since the yellow heart denotes best friend status, it can only happen if you both snap at the same time and they do as well.

The yellow heart is the starting point for more challenging friendship emojis, such as the red or pink heart. It offers information on who is your top Snapchat friend.


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