xCraft Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to xCraft After Shark Tank Pitch?

xcraft shark tank

What Exactly Is xCraft?

xCraft is a drone manufacturer that specializes in unmanned aerial systems design and development (UAC). xCraft’s mission is to revolutionize the drone market by introducing compact, high-end, and powerful drones that may be used as commercial equipment.

Who Is the X Craft Founder?

xCraft Was Founded by Jd Claridge, an Aeronautical Engineer, and His Software Developer Partner Charles Manning. Currently, Charles Is the Director of xCraft, While Jd Is the Ceo in Charge of The Company’s Day-To-Day Operations.

After Meeting and Connecting Over Their Mutual Love of Business and Flying, Jd Claridge and Charles Manning Established X Craft in 2014. Drones Were Becoming Increasingly Popular, and The Two Were Seeking for Ways to Incorporate Them Into Their Daily Life. the Pair’s Debut Product, X Plus One, Was Successfully Crowdfunded Through a Kickstarter Campaign.

The Kickstarter Campaign for X Craft Was a Big Success, Raising About 300 Percent of The Project’s Initial Financial Goal. They Felt It Was Time to Take X Craft to Shark Tank the Next Year, in 2015.

Before Shark Tank, xCraft:

With a Shared Interest in The Drone Sector, Jd Claridge and Charles Manning Created X Craft in 2014. With People’s Growing Interest in Drones and Flying Items, the Drone Industry Has Grown Over Time.

The Couple Created and Successfully Sold Its First Drone, the X Plus One. Due to A Shortage of Cash, They Turned to Kickstarter to Gather Funds for Mass Production and Distribution of X Craft. xCraft’s Kickstarter Campaign Was a Huge Success, Raising More than 300 Percent of The Original Goal.

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The Kickstarter Effort, However, Was Insufficient to Allow Them to Begin Mass Scaling X Craft. as A Result, They Decided to Take X Craft to Shark Tank in Order to Raise Extra Funds to Mass-Produce Craft.

Let’s See how Their X Craft Presentation Goes and Whether the Sharks Are Interested in The Game. Additional Money Will Be Required by Charles and Jd in Order to Develop New Innovative Products and Expand the Use of Drones in A Variety of Consumer Applications.

How Did xCraft’s Shark Tank Pitch Go?

X Craft Jd and Charles, the Founders of The X Plus One X Craft Drone, Approached Shark Tank Requesting $500 K in Exchange for A 20% Share in The Company. The Founders Began Their Presentation by Informing Sharks About the Boom and Trend of Flying, as Well as Their Own Experiences in The Aviation Business.

They Created an X Craft Drone with A Top Speed of 60 Mph and A Range of 10,000 Feet. They Also Showed Off the Pieces and Equipment that Went Into Making the X Craft Drone. They Also Explained how X Craft Drones Work so That the Sharks Could Acquire a Better Understanding of Their Product.

The Sharks Inquired About the Cost of Manufacturing the X Craft Drone and The Amount of Money Spent on Designing and Creating a Single Drone. Jd Told the Sharks that A Single Drone Costs $400 to Manufacture, and The Selling Price of The X Craft Drone Is $1899.

The Sharks Were Impressed, and The X Craft Drone Piqued Their Interest. However, Before They Could Discuss Funding, the Jd and Charles Team Presented Them with A Different Product.

Following the X Craft Drone’s Original Pitch, the Founders’ Duo Demonstrated the Phone Drone, Which Allows a Smartphone to Fly. This Phone Drone Is Made with Smartphone Sensors and Costs Less than $100 to Make.

The X Craft Backers Intend to Offer the Phone Drone for $100 at Retail. the Sharks Are Quite Impressed and Interested in The X Craft Founders’ Services. Daymond Jd and Charles Are Questioned by John About Their Motivation for Contacting Shark Tank. Jd and Charles Said They’re Looking for $250 K to Manufacture Phone Drones and $250 K to Expand X Craft’s Portfolio.

Kevin Offered $750 K for A 25% Share in X Craft Before Daymond John Could Say Anything. Daymond Counters Kevin’s Bid with A $1 Million Offer for A 25% Stake in X Craft. After Hearing Daymond’s Offer, Kevin Doubles It, While Lori Offers $1 Million in Exchange for A 20% Ownership in X Craft.

Jd and Charles Were Perplexed by Every Shark Offer and Were Unable to Make a Decision. as A Result, They Ask the Sharks to Give Them Some Time. While Jd and Charles Debate Which Offer to Accept, Robert Suggests that All Sharks Spend $300,000 in Exchange for A 5% Interest in X Craft. Fortunately, Every Shark Concurs with Robert.

When Jd and Charles Return, the Sharks Offer Them $1.5 Million in Exchange for A 5% Share in Each Shark, Divided Equally, for A Total of $1.5 Million in Exchange for A 25% Ownership in X Craft.

Final Deal: Every Shark Invests $300,000 for A 5% Stake in xCraft, Totaling $1.5 Million for A 25% Ownership in xCraft.

Is It True that xCraft Landed a Contract on Shark Tank?

Yes, X Craft Was Able to Obtain a $300,000 Contract for A 5% Investment in The Company, with Each Shark Making a Total of $1.5 Million for A 25% Stake in The Company.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to xCraft?

The Transaction with The X Craft Founders Was Never Completed by The Sharks. However, After the Television Show Shark Tank Aired, X Craft’s Popularity Skyrocketed.

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As Soon as The Programme Aired on Television, the X Craft Website Crashed. Jd and Charles Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Their Phone Drone Project, Which Raised Over $170,000, Much Above Their Intended Goal of $100,000.

The Business Continued to Run Successfully, Introducing New Drone Types and Even Raising $1,068,687.08 on Start Engine in 2018.

Is xCraft Still in Operation?

Yes, X Craft Is Still in Operation, and It Has Been Focused on Inventing and Developing New Commercial Drone Types. As of October 2021, X Craft’s Aim Is to Design Drones for Enterprises and Military Clients in The Defence, Energy, and Security Sectors.

What Are xCraft’s Sales, Valuation, and Revenue?

xCraft Was Able to Attract Funding from A Number of Venture Capital Firms. Meyer Equity, Mountain Man Ventures, and the StartEngine campaign, which collected $1.1 million in fundraising, are among the well-known investors in xCraft.

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