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Would you be interested in writing for us and submitting guest blogs on Dating entertainment, celebrity lifestyle, and news headlines? At Browsedesk, we give authors in the entertainment and lifestyle sectors the chance to contribute to our website with original content. Your articles must be of the highest caliber and beneficial to our viewers when you contribute to our website.

Writing Advice For Guest Posts

When you write for us, keep the following in mind first:

You can start considering what you would like to contribute to your blog post now that you have a better understanding of the types of entries we enjoy publishing. Consider your article’s subject or a compelling guest post title that will grab readers’ attention.

Submissions Guidelines For The Guest Post

Use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write your article. Before sending it for publication, please double-check your work and check the spelling and punctuation. Send your article for review if it is prepared for internet viewing.

Create or locate relevant photographs to use with an article. Maximum width: 640 pixels; maximum height: 400 pixels. If not, give the image credit to its originating source and you must have image exploration rights.

We want to provide outbound links because they provide our website users with more information. We stay away from spammy, phishing, and low-quality websites.

You are free to submit an article between 700 and 1000 words. Don’t add extraneous language to an article to make it longer; instead, base your content on the reader’s interests.

The content must be unique and unpublished elsewhere. if we came across a second instance of the article somewhere. Browsedesk has all authority to modify or remove posts at any time.

Don’t suggest subjects we’ve already discussed.

For further questions related to guest posts, feel free to contact us at browsedesk@gmail.com

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