Top 20 Countries With World Bravest Army

World Bravest Army
World Bravest Army

The world is full of countries with some of the best armies in the world.

The armed forces of many nations are a crucial part of our collective security. Most are large and well-equipped, but some are small, volunteer-based, and have limited weaponry. All, however, dedicate resources to keeping their communities safe and defending the values on which their countries were founded.

20 Countries With World Bravest Army

In this article, we list the top 20 countries that currently have the most powerful, loyal, and World Bravest Army.

20. Canada

Canada was placed at the bottom of the list owing to its limited number of active people, lack of aircraft carriers and attack helicopters, and lack of tanks and submarines. Canada, on the other hand, has continued to participate in US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it is a member of the NATO military alliance.

Canada is also a participant in the US F-35 program, however, the acquisition of F-35s may be delayed depending on the outcome of the October elections.

19. Indonesia

The Indonesian military ranked higher than Canada owing to its vast number of active men and tanks. The military, on the other hand, is short of carriers and aircraft, as well as a small number of submarines.

18. Germany

Due to a lack of power projection systems, the German military ranked low on the list. Germany lacks an aircraft carrier and has a small number of submarines, which, according to the Credit Suisse analysis, lowers its rating.

However, Germany has a sizable quantity of assault helicopters. Recently, the government has begun to contemplate providing military assistance to NATO allies from Eastern Europe.

17. Poland

Poland surpasses Germany on the list because to a bigger number of tanks and a more robust submarine fleet. In response to Russia’s acquisition of Crimea and the ongoing Ukraine conflict, Poland has significantly increased its military budget.

16. Thailand

Following a coup in May 2014, Thailand’s military now controls the country. The military plays an important role in sustaining Thai unity, and Thailand obtains high marks from Credit Suisse for the number of active people, tanks, and the presence of an aircraft carrier.

Thailand likewise performs well since it possesses an aircraft carrier, but it lacks an aircraft fleet to accompany the vessel.

15. Australia

Australia’s military is quite tiny; it obtains the lowest ratings in the report for the number of active people and tanks. It also gets near-bottom marks for the number of aircraft in its fleet.

Credit Suisse, on the other hand, raises Australia’s rating because to its assault helicopters and submarines.

14. Israel

In absolute terms, Israel’s military is modest. However, due to required military service, a sizable portion of the Israeli population is militarily prepared. With a history of being surrounded by hostile neighbors, Israel also maintains a sizable tank, aircraft, and attack helicopter force.

Israel has qualitative military advantages as well. It is equipped with space assets, powerful fighter planes, high-tech armed drones, and nuclear weapons.

13. Taiwan

Tawain has concentrated its military development on defensive measures in response to China’s continued ambitions to invade and reclaim the nation. As a result, the island boasts the sixth most attack helicopters on the list. It also has a sizable aircraft fleet and a lot of tanks.

12. Egypt

The Egyptian military is one of the Middle East’s oldest and largest armed services. It receives significant financial assistance from the United States and boasts the world’s fifth-largest tank fleet. It possesses around 1,000 M1A1 Abrams tanks, many of which are stored and never utilized.

Egypt also has a sizable aviation force.

11. Pakistan

In terms of active manpower, Pakistan’s military is one of the largest in the world. Credit Suisse also notes that the government has a sizable tank, aircraft, and attack helicopter force.

Furthermore, Pakistan is reported to be developing nuclear weapons at such a rapid pace that it might have the world’s third-biggest nuclear arsenal within the next decade.

10. Turkey

Turkey’s military forces are among the most powerful in the eastern Mediterranean. Despite the lack of an aircraft carrier, Turkey has more submarines than the other five countries on Credit Suisse’s list.

Furthermore, the country has a sizable tank fleet, as well as several planes and attack helicopters.

Turkey is likewise a dedicated participant in the F-35 program.

9. Great Britain

Despite plans to cut the strength of its armed forces by 20% between 2010 and 2018, the UK may expect to be able to project its might throughout the world.

The Royal Navy intends to bring the HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier with a 4.5-acre flight deck, into service in 2020, hauling 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world.

8. Italy

Due to the country’s possession of two operating aircraft carriers, the Italian military ranked well in Credit Suisse’s analysis. These carriers, along with Italy’s relatively substantial submarine and attack helicopter squadrons, significantly enhanced the country’s standing.

7. The Republic of Korea

In the face of a potential North Korean invasion, South Korea has no alternative but to maintain a robust and powerful military. South Korea possesses a number of submarines, assault helicopters, and active people in response to these circumstances.

The country also boasts a big number of tanks and is the world’s sixth-largest air force.

6. France

The French military is tiny, yet it is well-trained, professional, and capable of projecting power.

The country boasts the almost new Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, and France often engages in military missions around Africa to assist stabilize regimes and combat terrorism.

5. The Indian Subcontinent

India has one of the world’s most powerful militaries. It possesses the greatest active manpower of any country other than China and the United States, as well as the most tanks and planes of any country other than the United States, China, or Russia.

India possesses nuclear weapons as well. It is anticipated to become the world’s fourth-largest military spender by 2020.

4. Japan

The Japanese military is modest in absolute terms. Despite this, the country is incredibly well-equipped.

According to Credit Suisse, it boasts the world’s fourth-largest submarine fleet. Japan also possesses four aircraft carriers, however, these are exclusively outfitted with helicopter fleets.

Japan also boasts the world’s fourth-biggest attack helicopter fleet, after only China, Russia, and the United States.

3. China

In recent decades, China’s military has developed substantially in terms of both strength and capacity. It has the world’s largest military in terms of sheer personnel. It also possesses the world’s second-biggest tank fleet, behind only Russia, and the world’s second-largest submarine fleet, trailing only the United States.

China has also made fast progress in its military modernization drive, with the country now producing a variety of potentially game-changing military technology such as ballistic missiles and fifth-generation aircraft.

2. The Russian Federation

The Russian armed forces are without a doubt the world’s second most powerful military force. Russia possesses the world’s biggest tank fleet, the world’s second-largest aircraft fleet (after the United States), and the world’s third-largest submarine fleet (behind the United States and China).

Since 2008, the Kremlin’s military spending has climbed by about a third, and it is slated to expand by 44 percent over the next three years. Russia has also proved its capacity to project force internationally by sending troops to Syria.

1. The United States

Despite sequestration and other budget cuts, the United States spends more money on military — $601 billion — than the following nine countries on Credit Suisse’s index combined.

The United States’ most significant conventional military advantage is its fleet of ten aircraft carriers. In comparison, India, which is building its third carrier, has the world’s second-most carriers.

The United States also possesses by far the most aircraft of any nation, cutting-edge technology such as the Navy’s new rail gun, a big and well-trained human force, and the world’s largest nuclear arsenal — and that’s without even factoring the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.


In conclusion, Russians, Israelis, and Americans are the bravest soldiers in the world, according to the Global Firepower Index, which ranks 126 countries based on active manpower, military technology, available weapons, and their recent combat record. The top three positions are occupied by the United States, Russia, and Israel, respectively. The Global Firepower Index is an independent project that ranks countries based on active and reserves manpower, military technology, available weapons, and the country’s recent combat record.


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