Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery: Winona Ryder Explains Why She’s Refused Plastic Surgery: “I Love Growing Older!”

winona ryder plastic surgery

Rumours that she might have sought some assistance from the surgeon’s knife earlier this year were fueled by her remarkably smooth complexion. However, Winona Ryder recently spoke openly about the ageing process and insisted that she is “proud” of her wrinkles.

The 41-year-old actress stated that she won’t be undergoing any surgery soon in an interview with Interview Magazine.

In a recent interview, Winona Ryder insisted that the traffic on her forehead is a result of the natural ageing process and that she is happy with it. It’s hilarious because I walked directly from the Interview shoot to this premiere with all the makeup still on, and my friend told me that some people were actually claiming that I’d had work done, which, by the way, I’ve noticed is standard hygiene now on sets.

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It’s amazing how people automatically think, “Oh, maybe you should get something done for that,” even though I’m actually rather pleased with the small amount of traffic I now have on my forehead. And you think, “Really?”

In the new interview, Winona also discussed her memorable shoplifting incident, stating that the moment she was caught red-handed stealing from Saks Fifth Avenue in 2001, it was the beginning of something good.

Winona was caught on tape robbing the opulent store of thousands of dollars worth of goods, all of which she could have afforded to buy. However, Winona stated that “before that thing had happened, I was starting to have some difficulties” in reference to the incident.

‘I think a lot of people assume that’s what sort of drove me in a different route, but I was actually starting to have some difficulties a few years earlier,’ the speaker said. Many people thought she was going through a full breakdown, and as a result, movies distanced themselves from the actress and employment opportunities dwindled.

“I did encounter what felt like a wall.” And given what transpired, I desperately needed the time off, which turned out to be a few years. In a strange sense, I almost feel like it was the best thing that could have happened since I had never before asked myself, “Is it acceptable if I don’t act?” I asked, “Is there anything else since that was all I actually knew.

The diva revealed she used the time to explore a world outside of Hollywood and focused on her connections with friends and family. The star, dazzled in the film noir-inspired photo shoot. I started exploring all of these incredibly interesting life pathways because there were so many of them.

Then, you dive headfirst into something else and declare, “Oh my gosh, this other thing is what I want to do.” But after some time has passed, I realised that I still enjoyed acting and that I still wanted to pursue it.

The actress said in the interview that when she first entered the field, other professionals in the field gave her a lot of unfavourable remarks regarding her appearance. I was speaking during my audition when the casting director interrupted me and said, “Listen, kid. You shouldn’t pursue acting. You lack adequate beauty. You ought to return to your own country and enrol in school. You don’t possess it.

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I was maybe 15 or 16. Funny thing is, though—and this is a credit to my parents and the way they taught me—I wasn’t devastated. They had constantly drilled this idea into me: “You don’t want to blend in; it’s way cooler to be original and unique.”

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