Windows 11 Media Creation Tool: Prerequisites and Alternative!


You will need to execute a clean installation of Windows 11, booting from an install disc and writing the new OS to your storage drive, whether you’re building a new Windows PC or simply want to get your old computer off to a fresh start.

Get a copy of the Windows 11 ISO file, which you can use to make a bootable install disc or use as a standalone file if you’re installing Windows in a virtual environment.

Downloading a Windows 11 ISO never costs anything, regardless of whether you have a valid product key or not (see how to get Windows 11 for free or cheap).

The software can first be downloaded as a Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft or by using the company’s Media Creation Tool to get it and then transfer it directly to a USB Flash Drive.

The second option is to create a custom ISO that is fully updated with an insider build that is even more recent than the release build using tools from the website UUP dump to obtain the contents from Microsoft’s update servers.

The prerequisites for the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

There are a few prerequisites you must fulfill before you can use the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool to produce an ISO file or USB memory stick containing the Windows 11 installation:

The Windows 11 Media Creation Tool and the Windows 11 installation packages can only be downloaded if your internet connection is active.

The installation files must fit in the available space on your computer’s system disc. Given that the Windows 11 ISO is roughly 4.22 GB in size

The USB memory stick we produced with the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool included the same number of files after it was finished; we think that 5GB should be the minimum.

Future Windows 11 updates might increase this amount, so keep that in mind. Microsoft also advises having at least 8 GB of storage space available if you want to make a Windows 11 USB memory stick or DVD. The more is therefore better.

Make sure there are no crucial files still on the device if you plan to create a Windows 11 USB memory stick. The stick is formatted during creation, and all of the data is removed.

You must have administrator privileges on the PC where you execute the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool.

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Getting a Windows 11 ISO Download from Microsoft

Downloading a Windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft is the simplest way to obtain one.

1. Go to the page for the Windows 11 ISO (opens in a new tab).

2. Click “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” and then choose Windows 11. Download the Windows 11 Installation Media program from this page if you wish to proceed directly to building a USB flash drive. For a step-by-step explanation of how to achieve it, see the section below.

3. Press Download.

4. Choose your language and then press “confirm.”

5. Select the download icon that is displayed.

6. Make your language and Edition selections, then click Next. It’s likely that the default selections are accurate.

7. Choose a USB flash disc and then select Next. If a disc is not available, you can choose to build an ISO file here instead.

8. Choose your USB Flash drive (if you have a choice) and then click Next.

9. When it says your USB Flash drive is ready, click Finish.

Alternative methods to install Windows 11


There are two installation options When using Windows 10, upgrade by starting Setup from the DVD. You will be given the choice to:

a. Carry out a full upgrade that keeps personal files (including drivers), programs, and Windows settings. The default setting is the one that the Installation Assistant employs.

b. Only personal data (including drivers), not apps or Windows settings, will be retained when you choose to “Keep Data Only.”

b. A clean install will replace Windows 10 with Windows 11 and remove all remnants of the previous system. Check out Give your PC a Fresh Start for more details.

Launch Setup by booting from the media. This route is a clean setup, therefore prior files and settings will not be kept. Check out Give your PC a Fresh Start for more details.

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Alternatives of Windows 11

You Can Select the Desired Build Version by Clicking the X64 Button Next to It. Four Options Are Available:

Most Recent Public Release Build: This Is the Release, Which Can Be Obtained without Using the Uup Dump.

The Most Recent Insider Build that Is Nearing Completion Is Called the Release Preview Build.

Latest Beta Channel Build A Stage Between the Most Recent and Refined Iterations.

Newest Dev Channel Build: This Build May Be the Most Buggy One Yet.

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