Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3, Release Date Confirmed

Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3
Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3

With such craze between the viewers, they have started to ask the question Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3? This question is now trending over the internet.

Mirzapur is an Amazon Prime Original series that is set in a village called Mirzapur and some nearby areas such as Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Ghazipur, Lucknow, Raebareli, Gorakhpur and Varanasi. The plot of the series is drugs, lawlessness, guns, murders and mafia. It is about corruption, a gangster leading an area, Purvanchal in Uttar Pradesh. It is a crime series based on lives of mafias and their rivalry which leads to crime.

First season of Mirzapur had 9 episodes. Second season has 10 episodes. Second season was supposed to release on 23rd October 2020 but was released a day earlier i.e. 22nd October.

Its second season was released on 23rd October 2020. Viewers had to wait for two years for it’s second season.

At this moment, Amazon Prime has not made any official announcement about the release of Mirzapur 3. Season 2 has been liked by most of the viewers and season 3 will depend on a lot of factors like ratings and critics and availability of cast and much more.

Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3
Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3

In an Interview, Ali Fazal showed his desire that season 3 should be made. He said that the viewers also want season 3. He also said

“There are more characters that have tuned in, and the show has gone out of Mirzapur and back again”. “I think it might also head into season three.”

The Cinemaholic said:

“The script-writing commenced after filming for season two concluded.

“And the production team has started holding auditions for new characters.

“But these are just inputs from media tabloids, and nothing is confirmed unless Prime issues an official announcement.”

People are tweeting, commenting and tweeting about news about Mirzapur season 3 release date and much more. Here’s what people are tweeting:

One fan tweeted: “Waiting for Mirzapur Season three now #mirzapurseason2.”

A second fan wrote: “Guddu Pandit! New King of Mirzapur. Waiting for Season three….”

A third fan added: “I know it’s very soon @PrimeVideoIN but where is Mirzapur Season three?”

Mirzapur has a rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, a famous popular review site.

Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3 Expected Release Date

If Mirzapur is released, people will have to wait for it for two years i.e. 2022 as the first season was made in 2018 and the second one came in 2020. The dates will be shared as soon as the date is announced.

The finale of the season showed a massive shootout that killed Munna Bhaiya aka Divyendu Sharma and injured Kaleen Bhaiya whose role was played by Pankaj Tripathi. With Kaleen Bhaiya surviving the attack, it can be said that season 3 will begin with the conflict between Pandit, Tripathi and Shankar gangs of Mirzapur.

Guddu will be seen taking revenge against Tripathis

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This concludes that the main cast will be back again in season 3. This means fans can expect to see Tripathi, Fazal, Shweta Tripathi, Harshita Gaur, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Sheeba Chadha, Anjum Sharma, Vijay Varma, Amit Sial, Isha Talwar and Priyanshu Painyuli.

So, Will There Be Mirzapur Season 3? This is the question that everyone is asking. Wait until Prime officially announces the date or news about Mirzapur season 3.


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