Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day? Public Holiday Name Origin

Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day
Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day

People always ask, What is Boxing Day and Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day? Here’s the reason. Boxing day is a trend that is going on for a long time in many countries, and it is the second day of Christmas.

Boxing Day is celebrated as a gift for servants where the masters give their servants a box with a gift or gifts inside a box. The servants are given a day off from work, and they give gifts to their family as well. They also go home and enjoy the day with their family.

Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day

Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day
Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day

Why Is It Called Boxing Day? Boxing Day is called Boxing Day because on this day rich people give gifts to poor people. Boxing Day gave people a trend of giving Christmas Eve Boxes. These boxes are gift-based.

Some believe that boxing day is referred to Charity Drives where the people donate money for poor people before Christmas and then donated to the church and opened on Boxing Day.

Whereas, others have this belief that it was a tradition. The tradition is that the ship whenever went on a voyage the ship used to have a box of full of money as a symbol of good luck. If the journey is successful, the box used to be given to the priest, and on the day after Christmas, the box was open and given to poor people.

Boxing Day Public Holiday 2020 | What Day Is Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on 26th December every year, i.e., the next day of Christmas. It will be celebrated on Saturday this year. 26th December 2020, Saturday will be the day after Christmas.

Boxing Day is a public holiday in some countries, and it is a holiday for some dedicated public departments in some.

In some countries like Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa and in Singapore earlier it used to be a public holiday; however, the trend has changed in the past few years.

In Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and other countries, the different public departments are given holidays and in some countries, if they have to work, then they are given 1.5 more times their daily wages.

Boxing Day Name Origin/ History

Boxing Day is dated back to 1830s where the event first started. The United Kingdom was the first country that started this festival. The areas under the UK that formed the British empire were the ones to start this tradition. On 26th December, the bank holidays or public holidays are given the next working day if the day comes on Saturday and Sunday.

In European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany and some other, Boxing Day is celebrated as second Christmas Day.

Boxing Day is also called Second Christmas in some countries. Here’s was a detailed description of Why Is Boxing Day Called Boxing Day? Whereas some other trends are that people make good edible food for family and friends and even for poor people as well. Have a safe and happy Boxing Day, aka Second Christmas Day in advance.

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