Why Do Titans Eat Humans In Attack On Titans?

Why Do Titans Eat Humans
Why Do Titans Eat Humans

Titans are a type of giant in Greek and Roman mythology, which is often said to have emerged from the earth. Even though there are many different types of titans, they are often described as being the children of Gaia or Uranus-giant beings that hold up the sky with their hands. One popular story portrays Titans eating humans, but it’s unclear whether this is actually what happens in ancient texts or if this is just a fanciful tradition.

Interestingly, there are a few different possible explanations for why titans might eat humans. One possibility is that titans consume humans as a way to assert their dominance over them. In this interpretation, the act of eating another human is seen as a way to demonstrate that the titan is more powerful than its victim.

Another possibility is that titans eat humans because they are hungry or need nutrition. Some texts suggest that humans were created to be the food of titans, which would mean that this is their role in nature.

Even though it’s unclear exactly why titans eat humans, what is clear is that the act of cannibalism has played an important role in myths since ancient times.


The main reason for this is that Titans are attracted to the scent of humans, or more specifically their blood. This would also explain why they target people first in a city before moving on to other things, as human bodies have plenty of blood and could be easier prey than animals. As you may remember from earlier episodes, when Eren was covered with his own mother’s blood after she was killed by an attacking Titan, he got rid of her body without attracting any attention from them. If it wasn’t for Annie sacrificing herself to save him at the time then who knows how many lives might’ve been lost?


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