Why Did Kate and Toby Divorce? ‘This Is Us’ Producer Reveals What Ultimately Broke Kate and Toby’s Marriage

why did kate and toby divorce

Rebecca and Jack Pearson have a daughter named Kate Emily Pearson. Kevin is her twin brother, and Randall Pearson is her adopted brother. Kate has always struggled with her eating habits and body image, and she was bullied as a youngster by her “friends.” In The Big Three, Jack dubbed her “the Number Two” and “Katie Girl.” Her mother Rebecca gave her the nickname “Bug.” She comes from a football-loving family and is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers supporter.

“Toby” Tobias Damon is Kate’s spouse and the father of two children, Jack and Hailey. He met Kate in a support group for persons who are overweight or have eating issues. In episode 10, Toby had a heart attack. He will also have surgery to repair a hole in his heart. In S2E18, he marries Kate at the Pearson family cabin. In the episode The Waiting Room, Kate gave birth to their son Jack following reproductive surgery.

How They Met:

He met Kate in a support group for persons who are overweight or have eating issues. In S2E18, he marries Kate at the Pearson family cabin. In the episode The Waiting Room, Kate gave birth to their son Jack following reproductive surgery.

The Producer of ‘this Is Us’ Reveals What Ended Kate and Toby’s Marriage Little Sarah:

why did kate and toby divorce

This Is Us’ 100th episode finally revealed what went wrong for Kate and Toby. However, there are many levels to a divorce, and it can be difficult to comprehend why a couple can’t work together. One executive producer, thankfully, acknowledged why Kate and Toby’s marriage was doomed from the start.

Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan, who play Kate and Toby on ‘This Is Us,’ share a scene in Season 6 of the show. Kate is dressed in a dark grey gown with pink flowers and green foliage. Toby is dressed in a black button-up shirt with white polka dots and pants.

‘This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 Terminated Kate and Toby’s Marriage:


The Season 5 conclusion of This Is Us revealed that Kate and Toby will split up. The audience readied itself for their probable doom over the first 11 episodes of This Is Us Season 6. While Toby was in San Francisco and Kate was in Los Angeles, little fissures began to appear in their relationship, partially owing to the physical distance. They tried their hardest to make it, but in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12, they gave up.

Kate and Toby chose to go to couples counselling after Jack’s injury, and Toby accepted a job in Los Angeles. They struggled for 16 months to make their marriage work, but Kate persuaded Toby that it was time to divorce.

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Toby appealed to Kate to give their love another chance before signing their divorce papers. But she refused, and their divorce was finalised the next day.

Kate began seeing Phillip in the following years, and he proposed to her. Toby contacted his ex-wife on the day of their wedding to inform her that he had finally realised that they were meant to be apart, but that their tale wasn’t done.

The Producer of ‘this Is Us’ Reveals What Went Wrong for Kate and Toby:

Following the broadcast of This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12, executive producer Elizabeth Berger revealed what led to Kate and Toby’s breakup.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “Kate and Toby met at an extremely vulnerable time in both of their lives.” “They met at a weight-loss support group while they were both trying to lose weight, but there was so much more going on.” Toby had just divorced. He was still dealing with his sadness. Kate was still dealing with the aftermath of her father’s death.”

“I believe they were two extremely vulnerable individuals who met and fell in love, and then evolved tremendously during the course of our series,” Berger continued. And they evolved and matured in many ways for the better. They didn’t always grow up together, in my opinion.”

why did kate and toby divorce

“And in my view, and in the minds of a lot of our writers,” the executive producer added, “I would argue it was partially what caused their downfall; you can either truly develop as a relationship through the years, or you may grow apart.” “And for whatever reason, this couple wasn’t doing it together as they stepped into their own as individuals.”

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When Kate and Toby initially met on This Is Us, they were each struggling with personal challenges. Throughout the six seasons of the programme, they drifted apart while becoming more confident and stable people. But that doesn’t take away from their friendship or how much they assisted each other.

Chris Sullivan Discusses Katoby’s Split:

Chris Sullivan, who portrays Toby on This Is Us, gave his take on why Kate and Toby dissolved their marriage in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I mean, it’s conceivable for people to love one other but not make a good relationship,” he explained. “People might be in a relationship yet not love each other. Toby and Kate should serve as a canary in the coal mine for people to examine, treat, and negotiate their traumas before entering a relationship. [Laughs]”

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“There’s enough stress on a relationship as it is, in a partnering sense,” Sullivan continued. As a result, it’s critical to approach that connection with as fully developed a person as possible. And that includes dealing with difficult situations and addressing them head-on, rather than dumping them on others or expecting them to cure you.”

“I think the two of them had a lot of traumas in their past,” the actor added, “and they were sort of unravelling, and they did their best to work on it.” “However, they aren’t well-versed in recognising and conveying their emotions quietly and clearly, so that will be an issue.”


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