Britain Lockdown
Britain Lockdown

Why Britain On The Way Back To Lockdown

Vienna: A four-week partial lockdown has been announced in Austria as corona cases continue to rise. People were ordered on Saturday not to leave their homes after 8 pm Bars, restaurants, cultural and sports venues were announced to be closing.

Meanwhile, the British government is planning to impose a nationwide lockdown again as the coronavirus spreads heavily in the second phase.

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced one-month Britain lockdown due to the rising cases in Covid-19. The main motive is to cut down the rise in cases.

Non-essential shops and leisure will be closed for one month from Thursday onwards. The only thing that is the schools and universities will be open in this lockdown.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also declared one month of partial curfew lockdown which will be done from Tuesday. The affected areas will be restaurants and other leisure activities in Athens and other major cities.

Belgium is almost shut down, and only essential businesses will be allowed working, rest everything will be closed. One person from the family is given permission to buy necessary stuff for the family from Monday. It is a way to stop the virus from spreading.

The number of covid-19 cases has increased again in this week in atleast 14 European countries. This stats is confirmed by AFP data compiled using official figures.

Austria has announced a night-time curfew from 8 pm to 6 am. All mandatory closure of all cafes, bars and restaurants will be closed unless they are providing take away services. All these effects will be mandatory from Tuesday.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Prime Minister, has addressed the citizens of the country to avoid travelling to England except in case of an emergency or essential services from England to Scotland.

Protestors have clashed with the police on the streets of Barcelona on Friday evening after the people became angry about the new rules of restrictions implemented by the government. It was due to the rise in Covid cases in the country. Spain has witnessed 25k plus cases in a day.

WHO (World Health Organisation) has said that Testing should be more for International travelling rather than making them stay in Quarantine.

The UK’s export of the vaccine export will be restricted so that it will be enough for their population throughout the winters. That’s what Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said about their way to handle the Covid situation.

Britain:- Non-essential and leisure facilities will be shut down on Thursdays until the start of December. Schools and Universities will be open, unlike the spring lockdown. People can go out for exercise and urged to work from home if they can do that.

Belgium:- They have the highest infection rate in Europe. It is one of the highest new cases per 100k people in the world. Lockdown is suggested to the best thing to stop Medical wards from being flooded with patients.

Spain:- Spain’s new cases rose by 25,595 cases on Friday. People protested against the rules of lockdown, and It is expected that the lockdown will be upto six months to bring the situation back to normal.

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