Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review
Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review In Detail

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To answer the question, “Who Killed Sara?” one must first know what it is. The popular Mexican mystery series that returns for a second season Friday on Netflix is similar to an early-1970s Toyota Celica: an import offering sportiness and reliability.

It overheats but keeps moving! While its Spanish language compatriots like “Money Heist” or “Elite” may not take over the American market as Japanese automobiles once did, cars do have some advantages; no subtitles are necessary with them!

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review

“Who Killed Sara?” is a puzzle, as its title suggests. Alex (Manolo Cardona), released from prison 18 years after being found responsible for the death of his sister, Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) in a suspicious parasailing mishap, was obsessed with proving that she had been murdered and identifying who killed her. How did he gain such an impressive mastery of surveillance technology while incarcerated? The Lazcanos were wealthy friends to both him and Ximena before they died but now someone seems to be intent on harassing them psychologically and physically all over again!

After a first season spent giving everyone in sight plausible reasons for wanting to get rid of Sara, the second season doubles down on the idea that she might have caused her own death. With new suspects and an unsolved murder, it’s fair to say there is more than one reason behind these complex questions.

The dark show has all but given up hope as Season 2 begins with him further away from answering anything about his wife’s fate than ever before- which encapsulates its melodramatic method while also indicating whether or not you’ll enjoy it accordingly.

The style of the show is telenovela-esque, with a slightly dialed down emotional temperature for an American audience. There’s always plenty going on in “Who Killed Sara?”, but they barely bother to tell any kind of story or create characters that you get invested in. You never really know how people got from Point A to Point B within scenes – it was just at point B when things started exploding, guns were pointed and anonymous correspondents began texting cryptic clues.

The creators of the show have done a great job at constructing such an intricate puzzle that has been challenging everyone to their wits’ end. The intrigue is enough motivation for people to keep watching, and yet it still maintains some level of realism so you can’t help but be swept up into its world. The show serves as a binding agent, but what you think of the soap opera flourishes will be determined by how you respond to them. For example, if one scene had an inappropriate surrogate who m*stu*bates while spying on her baby’s gay father in the shower – for some people this could be considered entertaining and engaging whereas others might find it disgusting or offensive.

The dark and disturbing themes of the movie Who Killed Sara reflect a sense of corruption that has resulted from older generations who have been less than honorable in their positions. César Lazcano, played by Ginás García Millán, is an example of these corrupt figures – he does not care about anyone but himself. His wife Mariana (Claudia Ramírez) seems more concerned with appearances as she strives to maintain her status among elite society while neglecting those around her including their daughter Júlia/Sara (Erika Buenfil). These younger people are then left to suffer through this father’s indifference or twisted guidance for years before eventually being broken themselves because they know no other way out.

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The show is full of improbabilities, but one that will never be resolved is the unrequited love between Alex and Elisa. It’s a way for audiences to laugh at his awkward moments without fear it’s not funny because he has no sense of humor.

But whether the filmmakers intend it or not, the circling nature of the story helps to mellow him out — since they can’t come up with any real answers for Alex’s revenge plot.

The show is so frustrating that his dramatic arc has shifted from single-minded revenge to an almost comic frustration as he tries and fails again at obtaining justice.

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Season 2 of Who Killed Sara? is even more confusing than the first season. In each episode, scenes are replayed from different perspectives and in slightly different time frames for no reason other than to give us a little bit of new information about what happened to Sara. This can be frustrating when you’re waiting with anticipation until your own pet theory turns out correct – I’m rooting either that nobody killed Sara or Alex did it! However all options remain open…


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