Selina Kyle Father: Was Mobster Carmine Falcone, the Father of Catwoman, a Batman Villain?

who is selina kyle father

Today, we examine how Catwoman’s father’s identity has fluctuated over the years in comic books, possibly allowing Carmine Falcone to serve as Catwoman’s biological father. spoilers for The Batman and, I assume, a tonne of vintage comic books!

This is “Gonna Change My Way of Thinking,” a section highlighting noteworthy instances of retcons that don’t fall within the purview of Abandoned an’ Forsook, which is dedicated to stories that openly “overturn” earlier works. Numerous instances of “retroactive continuity” that passively accept the works of the past exist (especially cases where the overall continuity was rebooted). Although some of them are tiny and some are large, I find all of them to be interesting enough to write about.

who is selina kyle father

The Batman has generated a lot of debate on the paternity of Catwoman, as it is revealed in the movie that her father is mob boss Carmine Falcone. Sam Stone of CBR previously wrote on how that information was first alluded to in the comics, and Brandon Zachary of CBR also examined the comics that alluded to the connection between Falcone and Catwoman as well as the animated version of The Long Halloween.

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However, my friend Tom A. requested that I write about how Catwoman’s father’s identity has changed significantly over time, so let’s look at how it has changed, including the possibility that Carmine Falcone is the father of Catwoman.

Who in The Comics Was Catwoman’s First Father?

who is selina kyle father

One of the amusing things about comic book characters during most of the history of early comic books is that nobody really gave the key characters’ backstories any thought because their purpose was to appear in one-off bouts and then move on to the next one down the line.

Because of this, it took us a DECADE before we even knew Catwoman’s true NAME. When Catwoman notices that Batman is about to be slain by a falling building block in 1950s Batman #62 (by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Lew Schwartz, and Charles Paris), it is ultimately revealed. She hits him, saving his life, but inflicting a head injury in the process.

Is Falcone the Father of Catwoman? Explained

Right away, the answer is yes, but it’s tricky since Carmine Falcone hasn’t always been acknowledged as Selina Kyle’s father, and in certain cases, this is because he hides it. The most recent adaptation, The Batman, which was mainly based on The Long Halloween, made it clear to viewers that she was his illegitimate daughter, although, in Batman: Dark Victory, Catwoman says her proof is inconclusive that he is the father.

In the comics, it appeared to be to shield her from his cruel father Vincent Falcone, who regarded Selina as a vulnerability and planned to have her killed; however, what actually saves her is Carmine’s wife giving her up for adoption.

In the 2022 movie, their relationship was shown as more of a dark secret, and when she revealed more of his wrongdoings, he was ready to kill her with his own hands despite knowing full well that she was his daughter.

who is selina kyle father

In addition to the comics and movies, this relationship is also mentioned in the groundbreaking Batman Arkham games, such as Arkham City, where Hugo Strange and Calendar Man both strongly imply that they are aware of Catwoman’s relationship with Falcone.

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Not that Falcone is always acknowledged as Selina Kyle’s father—far from it. After all, the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy involves both characters, but their histories appear to be unrelated, and the Gotham television series completely skips this ending. However, whether or not Carmine Falcone acknowledges it, the more canonical Batman stories generally appear to imply that Catwoman is in fact his daughter.

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