Who Is ‘Sharon Marshall,’ the Father of Megan Dufresne? – Check Here to Know More About Megan Dufresne

who is megan dufresne father

According to records, Megan Dufresne is the youngest of her mother’s two older children. in memory of Suzanne Sevakis. Megan was reportedly put up for adoption in 1989, according to reports.

This took place soon after Megan gave birth. A few years after Megan was born, the late Suzanne, who was Megan’s biological mother, was killed. Megan Dufresne has always been extremely motivated and determined to utilize her tragic experience as a big source of motivation for people all around the world who are in similar situations.

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Megan works for Covington and Sports Medicine Clinic LLC as a research coordinator. She has been in this position at the time of publishing since November 2017. Additionally, she has experience as a well-liked admissions specialist at Southeastern Louisiana University.

who is megan dufresne father

Also employed at Jefferson Parish Public School was Megan. From February to May 2017, she was a physical education instructor for the disabled. Many people had the misconception that Megan Dufresne was Suzanne Sevakis’ stepfather’s biological child the entire time. A DNA test supposedly revealed the reverse all of a sudden.

Who Is Megan Dufresne’s Father?

Since Megan’s biological father has never been identified.

Who Is the Father of Megan Dufresne?

After Megan Dufresne recently made an appearance on the Netflix series Girl In The Picture, fans are asking about her father. The mother of Suzanne Savakis, who is the subject of the most recent true-crime Netflix documentary, is Megan Dufresne. “Girl in the Picture” is one of the outstanding real crime films that Netflix just released, and it is at the top of the list.

who is megan dufresne father

Many viewers were riveted by the new Netflix crime documentary’s gruesome and humorous revelations. The subject of the documentary, Suzanne Sevakis, also had a history of renaming herself and was believed to have passed away in 1990. Her true identity is revealed after more than thirty years.

She was the third child and was born in 1989 to Suzanne Sevakis. Her biological father’s identity and background are still unknown. There is a good chance that Franklin Delano Floyd is her father because they abandoned their family and chose to give their children up for adoption.

Furthermore, there are no reports of Suzanne dating anyone who saves Floyd. But she did change her identity twice. Dean Joseph Dufresne is her adoptive father. However, Megan has never attempted to speak to the public about her biological father, and there are no reports concerning him.

Who Is Sharon Marshall’s Daughter Megan Dufresne?

who is megan dufresne father

“Girl in the Picture,” a Netflix documentary, chronicles the tale of a girl whose identity was concealed for decades after her passing. After Tonya Hughes died in 1990, purportedly as the consequence of a hit-and-run, she was first identified as the deceased. Further investigation revealed that she had previously used the name Sharon Marshall in another state.

Megan Dufresne is the third child of Tonya Hughes and Suzanne Sevakis, better known as Sharon Marshall. After Megan was born in 1989, she was placed for adoption. Megan was adopted as a child by Mary and Dean Dufresne. When Mary first met Suzanne and Floyd, she thought they were strange, but she had no reservations about adopting the child.

Megan was able to escape Floyd’s tyrannical grip and be reared in a loving and secure environment by being adopted. She was told that her mother had died in a car accident, but she didn’t learn more about her biological mother until 2004 after the publication of Matt Birkbeck’s book “A Beautiful Child.”

Where Is Megan Dufresne Today?

who is megan dufresne father

Meg Dufresne resides in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. In 2017, she caught up with Matt Birkbeck, a few people with connections to Suzanne, and others.

Megan is a research coordinator at the Covington Ortho and Sports Medicine Clinic, according to her LinkedIn profile. She just graduated from college and recently wed Jack Dufreche, the love of her life.

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She attended Southeastern Louisiana University for her degree and has a passion for mindfulness and healthy living. As her profession has flourished, her personal life also seems to be fulfilling. She married Jacob Dufreche in 2021. One of their two children is named Michael in memory of Megan’s brother.

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