Who Does Tenten Marry In Naruto?

Who Does Tenten Marry In Naruto
Who Does Tenten Marry In Naruto

We all know that Tenten is one of the most skilled kunoichi in Naruto. But who does she end up with? Many people have been asking this question for years, and we may finally have an answer. In a recent interview, Masashi Kishimoto stated that Tenten eventually marries Neji Hyuga. This comes as a surprise to many fans, as Neji was always seen as a rival of sorts to Tenten. What will become of their relationship now that they are married? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates on this story!

Theory 1: Tenten is married to Rock Lee.

in addition, Who is Kiba’s wife?

Kiba is married to Amina Khaleef and they have a child. ;D Come discover what Kiba would think of you! For the next Short Manga Series, Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto Couples, and Next Generation Kids have been announced.

Also, Is Tenten married to Lee?

It’s possible that he is imitating Lee, who emulated Guy. In a nutshell, Tenten was originally thought to be Rock Lee’s spouse, but it turned out that she was not married. Lee married Azami, the granddaughter of Chen who taught him taijutsu on Naruto Shippuden episode 312.

Temari didn’t just outperform Tenten in their bout; she also outshined her when it came to developing relationships. Temari and Shikamaru got married and had a kid, Shikadai, in Boruto while Tenten remained single and without a family of her own. Still, the most significant change isn’t marriage.

Who Did Tenten Like?

Neji and TenTen are a well-liked pair in the fandom. It is one of the most popular relationships pairing Neji with anybody, and it is also one of the most common pairings involving Tenten. It’s more than likely owing to their strong friendship and mutual trust. The fandom is still alive and well, despite the death of Neji.

Who Is Kiba’s Crush?

The Japanese term for Kiba Inuzuka’s romantic relationship with Hinata Hyuga is “キバヒナ,” which means “KibaHina” (Japanese: キバヒナ, KibaHina).

Is Wasabi Kiba’s Daughter?

He went on to live a normal existence, get married, and have a kid after the war. Wasabi Uchiha was born to him in the tenth lunar month of the previous year. He named his daughter after her! Wasabi went to Konoha at the age of ten and was given away to a random family. In the future, she will take over the planet with her family members Sasuke and Shisui. She will be extremely powerful and rule the world with her siblings Sasuke and Shisui.

Is Wasabi A Girl Or a Boy?

Wasabi Izuno (伊豆野ワサビ, Izuno Wasabi) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. She is a member of Team 15.

Who Is Naruto’s Brother?

Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: Uchiha Itachi, Hepburn: Itachi) is a character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Who Married Sasuke?

The marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most well-known and discussed pairings. Sakura has been in love with Sasuke for most of the series, but he appeared to be uninterested in her. By the conclusion, though, he has apparently softened his tone and become considerably more compassionate towards her.

Why Was Neji Killed Off?

You’re not the only one who’s asking why Neji was killed off. Fortunately, the creator of Naruto has provided a reason for his decision. … In reality, Kishimoto said he had chosen to make Hinata a prominent heroine in Naruto long ago, and Neji’s death helped her grow closer to Naruto.

Does Tenten Like Rock Lee?

Tenten fell in love with Lee in a chapter of Naruto SD.

Is Tenten Stronger Than Sakura?

Sakura. MY PREPONDERANT: Tenten wins the Chunin Exams battle. She outperforms Sakura in taijutsu and ninjutsu (Sakura was using the REGULAR clone jutsu), while Sakura has no other genjutsu ability aside from dispelling it.

Who Killed Neji?

What is the cause of Neji Hyuga’s death in the Naruto series? During the fourth great ninja war arc, Neji’s death occurred. He was killed by Obito and Madara Uchiha, who had gained control of the Ten-Tails, with ten tails using multiple wood release projectiles (such as spears).

Who Is Neji Crush?

Neji’s first crush, according to him, was Hinata; he appeared infatuated with her and really eager and delighted to defend her, referring to her as cute. This might be taken to mean that Neji has romantic feelings for Hinata or that he views her as a member of his family.

Does Naruto Really Love Hinata?

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Naruto tells Hinata he loves her, but in truth, he had feelings for her. He then kissed her, and he instantly fell in love with her and lived happily ever after.

Does Neji Have A Crush On Hinata?

Neji gave up his life to protect Hinata and Naruto. … This might be seen as Neji having romantic love for Hinata, or loving her as a family member.

Who Is The Weakest Girl In Naruto?

So, when compared to the other Uzumaki characters, it’s easy to conclude that Karin Uzumaki is the clan’s weakest.

Who Is Kibas Daughter?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

How Old Is Kakashi In Boruto?

7 Kakashi: 48

He should have been born when Boruto was 35 or 36 years old, putting him at 48 years old in his son. His son, on the other hand, has picked up where he left off and still manages to resemble the 26-year-old that fans met all those years ago.

Are Namida And Wasabi A Couple?

Wasabi and Namida wanted to be ninjas together. Wasabi and Namida are close friends who are frequently seen together. Wasabi is praised for her competence by Namida, who even in the face of others telling Wasabi she isn’t capable of them. When Namida is overwhelmed or afraid, she cries and heads into Wasabi’s arms for a hug.

Who Is Denki Boruto?

The heir to the Kaminarimon Company is Denki Kaminarimon (雷門デンキ, Kaminarimon Denki), a student at Konohagakure Academy.

Why Does Sumire Leave Team 15?

Sumire decided to join the Scientific Ninja Tool Team after listening to Boruto discuss how one should pursue their interests and achieve their goal. She was inspired by Boruto’s speech, and it served as a wake-up call for her, so she decided to quit her shinobi training.

Can Naruto Beat Goku?

Despite the fact that Naruto’s physical power isn’t on the same level as Goku, he can hold his own in a fight against him. With overpowered abilities, such as Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto can most certainly defeat Goku.

Who Is Kazuto Uzumaki?

Kazuto Ryūken (Ryūken Kazuto) is a ninja from Konohagakure. … After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kazuto becomes Naruto Uzumaki’s personal bodyguard, later becoming known as the “Hokage’s Shield” (the Hokage’s Tate).

Why Is Naruto Shadow Clone Forbidden?

Because the chakra cost of the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique is so high, it is not feasible for most people other than the Hokage. Because it had caused so much damage, the First Hokage prohibited and concealed it in the Scroll of Seals.

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There are many theories for who TenTen will marry. Some people believe she’ll end up with Neji, others say that Sasuke is her soulmate. No matter what happens in the future of Naruto, it’s clear from reading the manga and watching the anime series that TenTen has a big heart filled with love to give someone special. For more keep visiting Browsedesk.com.

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