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Over the last few years, mobile battle royale titles have grown in popularity, and Free Fire has emerged as one of the platform’s top titles. In addition, it was the most downloaded title in 2020.

White444 is a well-known Moroccan Free Fire content developer. He uploads clips and highlights of his games to his YouTube account and is admired by other gamers for his exceptional abilities. Nonolive is also where the YouTuber periodically streams GTA 5 and Free Fire.

The general populace is becoming more interested in free fire. It provides the best graphics and a wide range of modes to gamers. As a result, folks have a good time playing this game. This game is well-known for releasing new events and outfits on a regular basis. A lot of people post Garena free fire videos on YouTube. This game has the most spectators of any game.

He is a well-known Moroccan developer of material. He has almost 4 million subscribers on his YouTube account. He is a fantastic free fire player and YouTuber. He uploads free fire gameplay videos and snippets to his YouTube channel. He’s famous for his headshot.

White444 UID

White444’s Free fire id is 1133099286.

White444 has played in 1652 squad matches and defeated his opponents in 262 of them, giving him a win rate of 15.85 percent. He has 2953 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 2.12.

The YouTuber has 52 Booyahs in 454 duo games, giving him an 11.45 percent win rate. He has defeated 883 opponents in these bouts, with a K/D ratio of 2.20.

The player has also competed in 504 single matches, winning 34 of them, for a victory percentage of 6.74 percent. He has a K/D ratio of 1.77 with 833 kills.

White444 Stats

White444 has appeared in 84 squad matches in the current rated season, winning eight of them for a victory record of 9.52 percent. He has 126 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 1.66.

The guy also has five solo and five tandem games under his belt, although he has yet to win. In addition, he has one and four frags, respectively.

Youtube Channel

He has a YouTube channel called White444 YT, and his most recent video was broadcast in June 2019. Since then, he has released over 45 videos and has amassed over 1.53 million subscribers. The Moroccan YouTuber has also accumulated over 34 million views.

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