When Will IPL 2021 Start
When Will IPL 2021 Start

When Will IPL 2021 Start Date, Schedule, Fixtures, Pdf

When Will IPL 2021 Start? It is the major question as soon as the IPL 2020 ended as there were rumors that IPL will not be played in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. Generally, IPL is expected to start at end of March.

IPL season begins at end of March and ends in May end. This is one of the longest and most awaited Cricket league. IPL 2021 Schedule may be between 28th March to 23rd May 2021. And the most important thing is IPL 2021 opening match and that is to be played between IPL 2020 Winners Mumbai Indians (MI) and IPL 2020 runners-up Delhi Capitals (DC).

It will be a great thing for Delhi Capitals (DC) to start a game with an opening match of IPL 2021 and an great opportunity for both the teams to get a kick start a tournament and carry the momentum. But Mumbai Indians (MI) has the momentum right now by winning over DC 4 times in a tournament.

When Will IPL 2021 Start? IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL 2021 is scheduled to start between 28th March 2021 to 23rd May 2021. IPL Governing council is planning to make the league more interesting by adding two new teams. Till now, the two names has not been confirmed by the council. But the officials are working on it and soon will be declared.

If two new teams are added then there will be an increase in the number of matches in the league and more cricket will be served to the IPL lovers and fans. As of now, there will be 60 matches if IPL 2021 continues with 8 teams.

Also, there will be increase in number of quota of foreign players in a team. Earlier there were 4 foreigner players allowed in each team but now it will be increased to 5.

IPL 2021 schedule will be announced soon as the number od teams and matches are fixed.

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