When Does Meredith Get Pregnant? Unraveling the Clues to Meredith’s Big Secret

When Does Meredith Get Pregnant

Meredith Grey, the central character of the popular TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, has a complex and emotional journey when it comes to her pregnancies. Here’s a detailed timeline of Meredith’s pregnancies:

Meredith First Pregnancy: Miscarriage

Meredith’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the finale of season 6, episode 24. This unfortunate event led to struggles in her relationship with Derek Shepherd as they dealt with infertility.

Meredith Second Pregnancy: Zola Grey Shepherd

Meredith’s second child, Zola, was not biologically hers. Zola first joined the Grey’s Anatomy cast toward the end of season 7 as a 6-month-old orphan who was part of a group of patients traveling from Africa. She was being treated for spina bifida, and Derek, who was her doctor, ended up falling in love with her. He suggested to Meredith that they adopt her. Despite several hurdles, the adoption was granted, and Zola officially became Zola Grey Shepherd in season 8.

Meredith Third Pregnancy: Derek Bailey Shepherd

At the end of season 9, Meredith Grey gave birth to their first biological child. She kept the pregnancy a secret initially, fearing she’d miscarry again. She shared the news with Derek early in the season by buying a shirt for Zola that said “World’s Best Big Sister”. Despite complications during birth, both Meredith and the baby survived, and they named their son Bailey after the doctor who saved Meredith’s life.

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Meredith Fourth Pregnancy: Ellis Shepherd

This pregnancy was unplanned and came as a surprise to fans. It occurred at the end of Meredith and Derek’s relationship timeline. Derek died during one of the final episodes of season 11. In the following episode, Meredith took the kids and left home. It turns out that she was pregnant with Derek’s child, a girl who would later be named Ellis after her mom.

Meredith Grey’s journey through her pregnancies is a testament to her strength and resilience, making her one of the most beloved characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

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