Show No Shark Tank: Final Deal with Shelley Ehler on Shark Tank? Get All the Most Latest Updates!

Show No Shark Tank: Final Deal with Shelley Ehler on Shark Tank? Get All the Most Latest Updates!

Shelly Ehler is the mother of two sons. On at least one occasion she battled in the water to simultaneously change both of her sons. She got the idea for Show No Towels right then and there. Shawl and towel at the same time? That’s possible with this one.

She got a patent for her towel and licensed it to water parks in California, including Six Flags Magic Mountain and Legoland.

What Is Show No Towel Shark Tank?

what happend to show no towel after shark tank

Show a Towel with A Hole in It Is Now a Business and A Product Thanks to An Entrepreneur. as A Creative Entrepreneur and Product Developer, Shelly Ehler Has Taken an Incredibly Simple Idea and Turned It Into an Entirely New Product and Company. Known for Exchanging Custom Draperies for The Patent Work that Led to The Show No Being Patented, She Proves that The Simplest Things Are Frequently Overlooked.

Children Can Change out Of Their Swimsuits in Public While Keeping a Degree of Privacy According to The Show Concept. As a Beach Blanket or Cover-Up, It’s Also Fantastic. Shelly Is Looking to The Sharks for Help in Disseminating the Show No in Water parks.

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Founder Shelley Ehler
Product/Startup Show No poncho-shaped bath towel
Investment Seeking $50,000 for a 25% stake in Show No
Final Deal $75,000 for 25% Stake in Show No
Shark Who Invested Lori Greiner
Episode Aired Season3 Episode 4
Business Status Out of Business
Social Media Nil

Show No Before Shark Tank.

Shelly Ehler is an entrepreneur who turned a simple idea into a new company. There are a number of fantastic goods on the market that were invented by people who noticed a problem and came up with a simple solution to it. Also, Shelly might be described in the same way To find a place where children may change into and out of their swimsuits is sometimes difficult for families.

Shelly’s Show No can be useful in this case. You may use Show No as a towel by cutting a hole in the middle of it. You can cover your child as they remove their wet clothes by draping the rest of the towel over them. This is a wonderful new product that will keep your kids dry at the beach, pool, or even in the bathtub. Despite the fact that she founded Show No. on her own and has had some success with it, Shelly intends to expand the business.

She wants to provide her products to water parks and amusement parks in order to get her business off the ground and get people talking about it. However, she will need help in order to accomplish this. As a last resort, Shelly turned to ABC’s Shark Tank, where she hoped to get some advice from a Shark.

Show No Towel’s Shark Tank Pitch.

shark tank towelA $50,000 Investment in Exchange for A 25% Ownership in Ehler’s Firm Was Ehler’s Goal when She Appeared on Shark Tank. in Order to Aid Her in Presenting Her Proposal to The Sharks, She Brought Along Her Two Young Sons. While Swimming with Her Sons One Day, Ehler Developed the Idea for Show No. Her Eldest Child Requested that His Mother Hold out A Towel so That He May Change Into Dry Clothing.

Amid Her Irritation, Ehler Came up With a Solution to Keep Her Younger Son Quiet While Her Older Child Was Being Changed. As a result of This, She Came up With an Innovative Design for A Towel Poncho that Could Be Used to Keep Youngsters Covered While Getting Dressed. Ehler Had Her Boys Distribute Custom-Made Show No’s to Each Shark when She Finished Telling Her Story.

Ehler Tried to Explain to The Sharks that She Wasn’t Looking for Money After Her Sons Left the Shark Tank. She Was Looking for A Role Model. There Are Numerous Examples of Sharks Taking Simple Ideas and Transforming Them Into Multibillion-Dollar Businesses. In Her Opinion, She and One of The Sharks Can Actually Change Her Show No Business Into Something Great and Lucrative if They Work in Concert Together.

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Transforming Them Into Multibillion-Dollar.

ShowNo tweol shark tank

One of The First Sharks to Speak out Was Lori Greiner. She Wanted to Know Where Ehler Had Been Working on These Show No’s, So She Asked Him. All but A Few of Her Goods Are Made in Her Residence. Show No Has a Split in The Middle of The Towel, Which Closes when You Put It Down, Making the Entire Towel Sand-Proof. She Enjoys This Feature the Best. In Contrast, Robert Herjavec Claims to Have Seen Towel Ponchos on The Market.

They were both laid off and forced to sell their homes and relocate. Because success in her firm is critical, she would have no trouble traveling on business. Daymon John expressed interest in the product, but her sales did not match the amount of money she requested.  Ehler could understand this, but she disclosed that she had contacted Disney amusement parks and would work hard to secure a partnership with them.

John was overjoyed with the news and decided to pay her $50,000 in exchange for 50% of her business. Greiner, on the other hand, desired to make a counteroffer.  She recognized so much of herself in Ehler that she decided to issue a check for $50,000 in exchange for the original 25% stake in the Shark Tank.  All she requested was that Ehler maintain her enthusiasm for the business and collaborate with Greiner to get the ShowNo sold in every water park in the United States.

 Who Is the Best Person to Negotiate?


Ehler was overjoyed and prepared to accept Greiner’s offer, but John intervened and offered her the $50,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership of the company. This is not the only twist that occurred. Cuban then offers her $75k for 25% of her business, Show No Towel, believing that it is worth more than she has asked for.

Greiner attempted to persuade Ehler that she is the best person to negotiate with since she has connections with QVC and is also a woman, which means they “speak the same language,” but John countered that he had numerous relationships with retail places such as Bed Bath & Beyond and JCPenny’s.  Additionally, he chose to offer her $75k in exchange for only 20% of her business. Greiner also agreed to match the $75k but retained a 25% stake in Show No.

For her product’s design, she secured a patent from her former neighbor, who was also a patent attorney, by exchanging custom draperies. After acquiring a patent, Ehler came up with the idea of selling these towels to water parks. Herjavec admired the idea of having the park’s name emblazoned on the Show No’s collar on each towel.

Why Did John Offer Ehler $50,000 for 50%?

show-no-shark-tank-shelly ehler

That’s why he offered her $50,000 for 50% of the company, which she accepted enthusiastically. For his part, Greiner wanted to counteroffer. A $50,000 check-in exchange for her original 25 percent ownership in the Shark Tank came from Ehler, who she saw as a mirror of herself. In return, all she asked was that Ehler remain enthused about the business and work with Greiner to get the ShowNo sold in all of the country’s amusement parks. John stepped in and offered Ehler $50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company instead of Greiner’s offer. Ehler was thrilled and was ready to accept Greiner’s offer.

This isn’t the first time things have gone wrong. As a result, Cuban offers her $75,000 for a 25% stake in her company, Show No Towel, believing it is worth more than she originally requested. After Ehler answered with his own retail ties, Greiner claimed that he was the perfect person to bargain with because she had connections with QVC and is also a woman, which means they “speak the same language.”

JCPenney’s and Beyond.

For $75k, he also agreed to give her just 20 percent of her company. Show No. 2 producer Greiner matched Greiner’s $75k investment with his own 25 percent interest in the company. Before making a decision, Ehler asked to spend some time outside with her spouse to discuss her possibilities. It was evident from O’Leary’s conversation with Ehler’s spouse that he did not share the other Sharks’ belief that they should have invested. After returning to the Shark Tank to finish the sale, Ehler accepted Greiner’s offer over John and Cuban.

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What Happened to Show No Towel After Shark Tank?

As a Result of Their Presence on Shark Tank, Shelly and Lori Were Able to Secure a Supply of Towels for Disney World’s Water Park. The Show No’s Quickly Sold out And Were a Huge Hit All Season Long. While Shelly Is Still Negotiating a License Agreement to Bring Her Product Back to The Park, Disney Has Not Extended Her Contract as Of This Writing.

Despite Not Being Advertised at Disney World, the Show No Towel Has Been Provided to Numerous Water Parks Around the United States. Attendance at Trade Shows and Similar Events Has Kept Shelly in The Public Eye for Her Profession. In Contrast to Lori Greiner, Shelly Has Continued to Build Her Business Despite the Show’s Conclusion.

She Still Makes the Show No’s in Her Home, but She’s Now Started a 3-D Poster Firm Called All Blown up To Go Along with It. Shelly’s Appearance on Shark Tank Fueled Her Desire to Excel Even Further. Her “shark Tank” Deal with Lori Greiner Went Apart After Six Years of Being Buried Under Towels, Ehler Stated in A Blog Post on August 13, 2015. Ehler Said, “I Once Cursed My Shark Partner for Pushing Me Out…

No Longer Can You Purchase Show No Towels from Our Website. However, I’d Like to Express My Gratitude to Her at This Point. None of It Had Anything to Do with Business, yet I Learned Far More from Her than She Thought She Had. However, Amazon Has a Slew of Comparable Designs with Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, and Mattel Characters, Such as Thomas the Train, Available for Purchase.

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What Is the Business Model for Show No?

the show no towel shark tank

Water Parks Were Where She Made the Majority of Her Money. It Is Estimated that She Sold Around 20 Towels Each Day to The 50 Water Parks Where She Supplied Them.

Her Crocheted Towel Cost Her $6 in Materials. for $9 a Towel, You Can Buy a Lot of Them. as The Retail Price Was $19.99, the Profit Margin Was Relatively Substantial.

She Had Souvenir Towels with Park Emblems on Them. She Was Able to Land Contracts with Legoland California and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Florida Because of The Additional Services She Provided.

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