What Is Question Bank Management?

What Is Question Bank Management?
What Is Question Bank Management?

Examinations are a part of all competitive areas in life – be it academics or professional career, an examination is one of the many ways to assess the intellectual and fundamental knowledge of a candidate or student.

Question papers for examinations are designed either in schools or by professionals in large organizations in order to analyze the theoretical knowledge that one possesses. But gone are the days when examinations used to be in person on paper.

Today, most exams are digital and can be taken from anywhere. There are apps for question bank management that help exam takers manage question banks and help present the right question papers for the right students in an examination.

Committees can now easily upload question papers, create exam schedules, use time management solutions and create various types of options for all kinds of questions: objective, subjective, voice-based, video-based, graphical, etc.

Question Bank Management | Introduction

Question Bank Management is a software or an application that can be installed and used in schools, universities, education centers, exam institutes, corporates, and large organizations that conduct exams for recruitment, etc. This software is easy to be purchased and can be used on systems to manage the various question paper-related technicalities like:

  • Creating a Question Paper
  • Using various options to record answers such as images, audio, video, MCQ, graphs, etc
  • Managing various question papers such as a Question Bank
  • Create large question banks like practice papers
  • Secure way to conduct examinations digitally

Question bank management software helps many kinds of organizations to securely conduct examinations on a digital platform and create question papers that are most suitable for the various types of examination.

Some companies may be more inclined towards having subjective questions, whereas others may be inclined towards MCQ-based questions. This applies not only to companies but also to schools, colleges, and educational institutions such as coaching centers, tuition centers, etc.

With a question bank management solution, all of these institutes can easily build exam question papers and also provide test papers, mock exams, preliminary exams, add bulk question papers as question banks for better learning and practice, etc. The application of question bank management app is unlimited and has so many amazing features and utilities.

Features Of A Question Bank Management App

A question bank management solution can be easily purchased from a licensed software seller online. Once the application is set up on the computer, it is instantly ready to use. All an examiner needs to do is upload the questions and create a question paper.

Even with the question paper, the examiner can design, choose and work on the appearance and manage the question paper. For example, the examiner can choose what kind of answer the student or candidate needs to record for each kind of question, such as:

  • Objective (one-word answers)
  • Subjective (passage or essay type answers)
  • MCQ (choice between options)
  • Image addition
  • Voice recording option
  • Video recording option
  • Graph, pie chart or chemical/mathematics equation upload

The examiner can create a vivid question bank with all kinds of questions and answers that can be recorded by students appearing for general exams, competitive exams, interview exams, aptitude exams, etc. The question papers can also be countdown timed, and post the exam time, the papers are submitted to the host easily for further correction and evaluation.

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