What Is Jio Battery Price?

What Is Jio Battery Price?

What Is Jio Battery Price?

Has the mobile battery in your Jio Phone deteriorated after a few months or years? If this is the case, you should be aware of the jio phone battery price and purchase it in order to resume normal usage of your jio phone.

As we all know, every mobile phone’s battery degrades after a few months or years, and we must replace the battery in order to continue using the phone. As the battery deteriorates, the charging problem arises, and the battery rapidly slows down.

If you are experiencing the same issue with your JIO Phone, you do not need to be concerned about its battery. Because we have specified the finest jio phone battery original at a reasonable price and provided all relevant information.

Most of the time, you will discover a local or imitation JIO Phone battery in the market, which is also more expensive than its appropriate price. That is why we have described everything here so that you may purchase jio phone battery original.

So, let’s talk about the Jio Phone pricing and its original product, as well as how you may get your jio phone’s original battery.

Should You Buy The Battery For Your Jio Phone Online Or Offline?

Yes, you may purchase a Jio phone battery either online or offline. But the most important factor is whether you are purchasing online or offline.

I mean to say that if you buy from any store, whether offline or online, there is a good possibility you will get a fake/local (non-original) battery for your Jio phone.

So, I’d want to advise you that if you want to get an original Jio phone battery, you should go to a JIO store or office where Jio accessories or items are sold.

If you wish to buy your Jio phone battery online, you may do so through Amazon and Jio’s official website. You won’t have to look for a battery for your Jio phone because we’ll give links to get one.

It is now evident where you must get the Jio phone battery.
But the issue is, how much will the Jio phone battery cost? So, let us also be aware of it.

What Is The Estimated Cost Of A Jio Phone Battery?

By the way, depending on the vendor, you may acquire a fake or local battery for very little or quite much. But we’re talking about the cost of the Jio Phone’s original battery here.

So, the initial pricing of the Jio phone battery is Rs.200 for 2000 mAh, which is accessible both online and offline. If you buy online, you will additionally have to pay the shipping or delivery price, which will range between Rs. 50 and Rs. 100.

If you buy offline, the shopkeeper may additionally sell with a fee of Rs.50 to 100. Finally, the jio phone’s original battery would cost between Rs.200 and Rs.300.

The Best Jio Phone Battery Pricing And Goods

As previously said, two sites for purchasing Jio phone batteries are described in this post. So, how do you buy a Jio phone battery online and which one should you get?

How Can I Get An Original Jio Phone Battery From Amazon?

Sellers or merchants, as you may be aware, only sell their products on eCommerce sites such as Amazon. So, after doing a lot of research on the jio phone batter, I discovered just one that is original, such as where it was created and other details.

So, the items and Amazon links are provided below, and by clicking on them, you will be able to purchase the Jio phone batteries online through Amazon.

The product stated above, which is also available on Amazon, is the original Amazon battery, and you will pay the original price for it. Because Amazon’s delivery fee is lower than Jio’s.

As a result, you will receive the items with a shipping fee from Amazon at a cost of Rs.249.

Specifications For The Jio Phone Battery

How Can I Get An Original Jio Phone Battery From Jio?

There is no debate about whether the battery is authentic or fake since you have to buy the jio phone battery and clearly jio would offer its original jio battery on its portal.

By clicking the above link, you can purchase the original jio phone battery from the jio shop online for all models. The battery specifications will be the same as they are on the New Jio phone.

My advise is to buy from Amazon since you will obtain the jio phone original battery at a lower price with delivery when compared to the jio shop.

Now, let’s look at some of the most often asked questions concerning Jio Phone batteries.

Jio Phone Battery Price Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Capacity Of The Original Jio Phone Battery?

The original battery of the Jio Phone has a capacity of 2000 mAh, 3.7 Voltage, and 7.4 Watt Hours, and it is also included with the new Jio Phone.

So, if the jio phone battery degrades after a long period of use, you should get a new jio phone battery with the same specifications as the old one.

How Long Does The Battery On A Jio Phone Last?

There is no specific period when your jio phone battery will deteriorate or last because it relies on a variety of elements such as how long you use the jio phone on a daily basis.

Which charger is the phone being charged with? and so on. So, there is no such thing as how long does a jio phone battery lasts.

Is It Possible To Change The Battery On A Jio Phone?

Yes, if you purchased the jio phone, it can be replaced within one month since the jio phone’s original battery comes with a one-month warranty that can be replaced if anything goes wrong.

Is It True That A Single Jio Phone Battery Would Operate On All Models?

Yes, your Jio phone’s single battery will operate on all models. The product that I have discussed in this article will function on all variants of the Ji0 phone, whether a battery for the Jio phone is necessary.

How Can I Conserve Battery Life On My Jio Phone?

There are various ways to preserve your Jio phone battery so that it may be active for longer periods of time without needing to be charged as quickly as possible.

You should disable your internet connection, location, Bluetooth, and other features to conserve your Jio phone battery.

You should change the brightness of the screen, which implies lowering the light as much as possible according to the appropriate one.

Don’t use your phone while it’s charging, and don’t use any of the apps on your Jio phone until absolutely necessary.

Reduce the volume of your Jio phone’s notification and ringtone.


I hope you were well-versed on the jio phone battery price and items. In this post, we discussed whether you should buy a Jio phone’s battery online or offline.

What is the estimated cost of a Jio Phone battery?, How can I get an original Jio phone battery from Amazon? How can I get an original Jio phone battery from Jio?

and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about a Jio phone battery. So, these are the questions answered in this post, which covered all of the facts on the Jio phone battery.

If you have any questions about the jio phone battery, please leave them in the comments below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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