What Is Fortnite Rule 34? {Explained In Detail}

What Is Fortnite Rule 34?
What Is Fortnite Rule 34?

Have you come across the Fortnite rule number 34 and aren’t sure what it means?

Rule 34 is one of the many unwritten Fortnite regulations that have been formed for the game’s players online. Users must follow these rules and guidelines in addition to the usual community rules and guidelines, or their account will be banned.

We’ll explain what Fortnite rule number 34 is, as well as all the other unofficial regulations that players must observe, in this simple guide. If you’re not sure what the Fortnite rules are, we’ve put them in this guide so you can stay informed and avoid getting reported.

What Is Fortnite Rule Number 34?

The Fortnite rule number 34 implies that there is adult content related with the game circulating online. Rule number 34 appears to be allowed inside the Epic Games content guidelines and is not only related to Fortnite, but also to every other video game.

Rule 35 is connected to rule 34 in Fortnite. If you see rule 35, it means that, while rule 34 is not currently applicable, it will be in the near future.

What are the Fortnite rules? There are many rules linked with Fortnite.

Fortnite rules are an unofficial set of principles that Fortnite players must follow in order to keep the game’s culture within the code of conduct of respectfully enjoying the game.

It’s critical to understand Fortnite’s primary regulations and what they entail so that you, as a player, can stay within the essential standards. This will keep you from getting disqualified and penalized.

Fortnite Code of Conduct

Aside from the unwritten rules of Fortnite, the game has a set of community norms to which players must adhere in order to avoid suspension or permanent bans. The Fortnite Code of Conduct specifies how players should engage in-game to guarantee the safety and respect of all platform users.

What Are The Community Rules For Fortnite?

Community Rule Description
Personal Info You are not permitted to disclose the personal information of other users. Only display names are permitted. Refrain from providing your own information as well.
Intolerance and Discrimination Hatred and bigotry against others will not be permitted.
Bullying and Harassment During chat, combat, and creation, you must respect other players.
Impersonation You are not permitted to impersonate another user. You cannot claim credit for someone else’s work.
Cheating and Trolling Play fairly and avoid promoting cheats or bugs.
Dangerous or Illegal Activities You should not engage in risky or unlawful activity. Gambling, drug usage, and phishing are just a few examples.
Scams and Deceptive Practices Taking advantage of other gamers is not permitted.
Inappropriate Content Avoid sharing incorrect content that will detract from their great experience.


Fortnite’s community norms have been outlined; however, because not everything is listed, players should use their discretion.

What Happens If I’m Reported in Fortnite?

If you or another player is reported for violating Fortnite’s community guidelines and rules, Epic Games will take appropriate action against your account. If you have been reported for violating their code of conduct, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

In a tournament, breaking the rules can result in a temporary ban of up to 30 days. This will change depending on your activities in each individual scenario.

If you are reported for something minor, or if it is your first offence, you may only receive a warning.

Even if you are banned from Fortnite, you will still be allowed to play other Epic Games.

If you need assistance reporting another player, you may find a step-by-step instruction here.


With this comprehensive introduction to Fortnite’s unwritten rules and community norms, we hope you now understand what Fortnite rule number 34 is, as well as all the others, so you may continue playing Fortnite without fear of being reported.

We recommend that you bookmark this guide so that you can immediately retrieve it when you need to review all of the different regulations.

If you’re experiencing trouble logging in to Fortnite, there could be a problem with the Fortnite server. If their server is up and running, you can get in touch with Fortnite Support by logging in and posting a ticket.

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