What Differentiates Baseline Activities From Health-Enhancing Activities?

What Differentiates Baseline Activities From Health-Enhancing Activities?

There are many ways to make exercise goals work for you. One of the most common misconceptions is that people think they have to do strenuous activities to get results. The truth is, if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to start with something that is the baseline and gradually work your way up in intensity. There are many health-enhancing activities that can be done at any time of day! Below are some examples of baseline activities that are perfect for fitness newbies or even seasoned athletes.

Baseline Activities

The best thing about these activities is that you can do them anytime. At home, at work, outdoors – wherever! These will all help to improve your health without having any major impact on your lifestyle. It’s important to remember that exercising doesn’t have to be a first-thing-in-the-morning activity. It should be something you look forward to doing and make time for, but it can happen anywhere and anytime you want it to happen. You just have to fit it into your schedule according to what works best for you! Some people find they are most productive early in the morning, while others are more focused in the afternoon. It’s up to you to try out different times and figure out when it works best for you to exercise.

Afternoon Activities

  • Walking Whether at work, school or just running errands around town, walking is an effective way to get your steps in while also getting some fresh air.
  • Taking the Stairs While taking the elevator may be easier, incorporating stairways into your route helps tone muscles that don’t get used much during typical tasks.
  • Home Exercise Equipment Many people spend a lot of their office time seated – whether working on a computer or attending meetings/consulting with clients. Instead of sitting for hours on end, use this time to fit in some ab workouts!
  • Dance Parties There are tons of fun cardio dance videos on YouTube that can get your feet moving to great songs in no time. Once the video’s over, the cooldown is a great time for you to fit in an ab workout.
  • Outdoor Activities The weather isn’t always cooperative when it comes to outdoor workouts, but there are so many ways you can incorporate nature into your routine. Whether walking around the block or finding a local hiking trail – getting outside is good for everyone!

Evening Activities

After work, people are often tired and just want to stay in to relax with their families. While that’s all well and good, buttressing fitness goals with family bonding time is definitely important. These activities also happen to be great stress relievers which makes them perfect for winding down before you crash into bed at the end of a long day.

  • Family Walks If you have a dog, running will be much more enjoyable for everyone! But if there aren’t any four-legged friends around, going on a walk with your family is a great way to spend quality time together and boost health all at once.
  • Team Sports Participating in sports keeps kids off the couch which is always a good thing. Not only that, but it gets them active outside instead of sitting inside playing video games or staring at screens all day.
  • Yard Work The most fun activity involving lawnmowers ever? Mowing the lawn together as a family! Be sure to bring some earplugs though.
  • Campfires Getting everyone together to roast marshmallows is an enjoyable way to spend time with the family. Plus it gets your cardio up because you’re constantly running back and forth to get more s’mores supplies!
  • Gardening OK, so this one may be a bit of work, but the great thing about gardening is that you can do it anywhere – whether using planter boxes or just digging in the ground. It’s also super relaxing which makes it perfect for winding down after a busy day.

Baseline Activities For People Who Love The Outdoors

There are some people who simply love spending as much time outside as possible. That doesn’t mean they don’t like working out though! These require no equipment except sunscreen …and maybe a hiking stick to whack away at the underbrush.

  • Hiking There’s nothing quite like being in nature and taking in the sights. It really makes you appreciate all that Earth has to offer us!
  • Camping Camping is a bit more intense than day hiking, but it’s still a good way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air without sacrificing any fitness goals.
  • Canoeing Whether going on a quick jaunt down a river or doing some white water canoeing, paddling around gets your heart rate up while also making for fun family bonding time together.
  • Swimming Not everyone likes swimming laps when there are perfectly good bodies of water around, but you’re one of those people who loves to escape into the deep, then this is definitely for you!
  • Disc Golf If you don’t have a lawn or access to an open field nearby, disc golf can be a fun way to spend time outside with family and friends. Best of all – it’s easy to transport your discs too if necessary.

Pets are wonderful sources of love and companionship, but they can also help motivate us to get out there and stay active. Don’t worry though – our furry friends will thank you for putting their interests first…so long as you take them on walks regularly!

  • Dog Walking Taking Rover on long walks every day is one of the best ways for pet parents to keep up their fitness habits. Not only that, but it’s a great way to socialize your pup if you meet other dog owners who have time to hang out with each other too.
  • Dog Agility Training If you’re already active, then using that energy to train a dog can be a good way for both of you to bond and get a workout at the same time!
  • Running With Your Pet If going on long walks isn’t your speed, taking your favorite furry friend for short runs instead is just as good! Just make sure he or she doesn’t give up halfway through cause they’ll likely be leaving you in the dust.

If You Want To Lose Weight

Any type of movement will help burn those excess pounds away. But if something specifically targets weight loss, why not go for it?

  • Running Longer distances may seem impossible at first, but with time and persistence, you can do it! It’s a great way to stay fit and shed those pounds.
  • Swimming Laps around the pool or even in a lake or larger body of water is just as good as running if not better. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work out your arms as much since they’re mostly held out wide to keep your balance.
  • Free Weights If you want to increase strength without having to use too many machines at the gym, then free weights are perfect for building muscle mass and burning fat!
  • Kickboxing Punching and kicking things will make you feel like the ultimate superhero! Plus, you can do it anywhere and anytime thanks to how compact the equipment is.
  • Yoga Forget feeling zen when you add in some cardio moves – this will leave your whole body feeling like jelly afterward! Yoga may seem anti-fitness at first but once you get into it, it’ll be just as exhilarating as any other exercise routine out there.

If You Want To Gain Muscle

Building muscle helps your body burn more calories than fat which means that developing lean muscles will help keep your metabolic rate high even while just sitting around or doing low-impact tasks.

  • Pushups Pushup bars aren’t strictly necessary, but they do make life a lot easier for joint health particularly if you’re looking to gradually build up strength and endurance.
  • Pullups There’s a reason why people shout “Pull yourself up!” at the gym – well because it works! Build your back muscles to look like a superhero with this simple exercise.
  • Leg Extensions & Lifts Targeting one muscle group at a time is always better since you don’t have to worry about balancing out one side for another here! Plus, you can make your legs jiggle less by sculpting them into shape.
  • Deadlifts If you want a strong, shapely butt and hamstrings then this is the perfect exercise for you! Just make sure that you lift with proper form so as not to injure yourself in the process.
  • Squats, Of course, squats are always key when training your legs. There are countless variations out there so you’re guaranteed to never run out of options!

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  • Incorporate High-Energy Acts Into Your Routine Energy equals motivation equals better productivity at moving more.
  • Be Mindful Of How You Spend Time If you normally spend 8 hours sitting around watching TV every day, try replacing it with exercises instead. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, you’ll most likely burst with energy once it’s all over!
  • Adjust Your Diet A balanced diet with the right amount of protein will be sure to help keep your stamina up throughout the day allowing for harder workouts and greater results overall.
  • Find Ways To Keep Track Of Your Progress There are tons of tools online which you can rely on to keep track of your activity including pedometers, calorie calculators, and even apps for smartphones! With the help of these convenient gadgets, you’ll be able to set achievable goals that will be sure to keep you motivated.
  • Make It A Family Affair Spending time with loved ones is always great in moderation but when it comes to the cost of neglecting your health, then there’s really no point is there? Forcing your family members to do an extra set or two with you won’t hurt so long as they’re willing participants in this newfound fitness journey!
  • Be Patient Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Michelangelo’s David – and it’s the same with getting fit. Even if you don’t see dramatic results right away, just remember that they’re coming as long as you keep at it!
  • Keep It Fresh Mix up your workout routine every now and again to avoid hitting a plateau since this means that your body is used to doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Learn To Love Yourself We all have those days where we feel like giving up on our fitness goals but sometimes, we need to remind ourselves why we’re putting in all this effort in the first place. Remind yourself every day and you’ll never fail to become your personal best!
  • Remember That You Only Get Out What You Put In If you want to be healthier then make sure to put in the effort needed to achieve that.
  • Lead By Example If you have children in your household then it’s only natural that they’ll want to copy everything their parents do – so why not be a great example for them?
  • Stay Consistent Once you’ve found an exercise routine that works for you, just keep doing it! There are always ways to stay motivated when it comes to achieving self-improvement whether it’s through yoga or biking outside. The possibilities are endless so long as you don’t give up!
  • Keep It Fun Finding out what physical activities interest you is half the battle especially when it comes to staying active.
  • Get A Buddy Having someone with whom you can share your fitness goals will make it easier to motivate each other.
  • Start Slow Don’t overdo yourself because you might end up sapping all your hidden energy.

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There are many benefits to physical activity, from weight loss and improved moods to increased energy levels. But how do you know what is a baseline activity versus a health-enhancing one? The answer lies in the details of your routine. If you’re doing something that makes it difficult for you to breathe or talk at normal rates, then this probably isn’t going to be beneficial for your overall health. On the other hand, if you can easily carry on a conversation while performing an activity like walking or cycling without feeling too exhausted afterward, then go ahead and consider yourself healthy!

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