What Are Direct Mail Postcards?

What Are Direct Mail Postcards?
What Are Direct Mail Postcards?
Direct mail has not lost its appeal despite the dominance of digital marketing. There is still a significant number of people who love receiving a letter in their conventional mailbox. It would help if you tried connecting with people by sending direct mail postcards, especially in the real estate sector. Digital marketing is necessary and helpful for an effective marketing campaign. But it would be best if you did not ignore direct mailing techniques or undermine their usefulness. Statistics prove that direct mail marketing has its fair share of enthusiasts. For instance, the response rate for postcards and brochures is 90%, compared to 30% for emails. According to some marketing surveys, people keep the coupons, catalogs, and letters they received for about 17 days before discarding them. Therefore, this form of advertising is popular. In the property business, connecting with people, winning their trust, establishing your brand name, and ensuring that suitable investors choose you as their agent is of the utmost importance. But what if you have never tried this method before, or if you have, in a minimal way. Here is some helpful information before proceeding.

What Are Some Benefits Of Sending Mail Postcards?

As mentioned earlier, direct mail has a higher response rate than digital advertising. You can target the audience you want through geo-farming, which also helps build brand recognition and familiarity. Geo-farming is highly suited for real estate marketing because it enables you to identify the property owners in an area and create a list accordingly. Once you have a list, you can send the cards with the least time and effort.

Should You Use A List Builder?

A list builder is the most reliable way to create a list based on the neighboring areas surrounding an address and the subdivision name. Some companies even offer you the option of making your list and selecting those you want to include in the mail. Such companies have a National Change of Address Database, which ensures the delivery of the card to the homeowner to their new address after they have moved out of the old one.

Are They Easily Trackable?

Mails sent through postcards are highly trackable. Various methods like QR codes and coupons (preferably involving discounts, rewards, etc.) call for tracking numbers and insert URLs to inform the number of people responding to your mail. You can also hire direct mail marketing companies that offer integrated mail tracking services. A simple propriety tracking system lets you follow the postcard journey till the time it is delivered. Some companies have automated seller valuation templates that send postcards to property owners containing unique links. Each address has a special link, and the software identifies the recipient’s email address, which helps you know the person requesting seller valuations. When the recipient clicks on these links, they can find out the total value of their property.

Which Template Should You Use?

The property owner should be impressed by your postcard within the first few seconds of receiving it. That can only happen when you make it attractive, using legible fonts, well-spaced words, stunning colors, and an appealing design. If you have not sent cards before, it is advisable to hire a service that provides you with plenty of pre-designed template options to choose from. You can also request them to create a beautiful template based on your requirements. Most postcards usually measure 6×9 inches with full color on both sides. Direct mail postcards are a reliable way of connecting with property owners in your area. You must ensure your emails are attractive, contain relevant information, and target the right audience to build a customer base.
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