Watch Dogs Legion Review Explained In Detail

Watch Dogs Legion Review
Watch Dogs Legion Review

Watch Dogs Legion is an upcoming action-adventure game that will be released on 29th October 2020. The developer of the game is Ubisoft Toronto, and the publisher of the game is Ubisoft. It is 3rd part of Watch Dogs and the sequel of Watch Dogs 2.

Some basic info about Watch Dogs Legion is that it will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 29th October 2020, and XBOX X/S series and PS5 platforms will get the game on 10th November 2020. Watch Dogs Legion Review is going to be mentioned later on after mentioning some details.

Watch Dogs is about many hackers trying to free the city of London from a dystopian surveillance state. On the other hand, they are also trying to find out who framed them by investigating and unfolding small thread and discovering a conspiracy centered around the head of a private military company.

Watch Dogs Legion Reviews

Watch Dogs Legion Review
Watch Dogs Legion Review

Watchdog game is an action-adventure game with few points to keep in mind and they are as follows

  • Good world design
  • Great multiplayer potential
  • Play anyone mechanic is good.
  • Bad and stiff gameplay
  • Goofy dialogue
  • Boring mini-games
  • Too many spider bot.

It is a good game with a nice hacker taking revenge storyline. The good design of the city makes a gamer immersed in the game for hours. It also had this feature of playing as any character you meet.

The Tone Is Different From The Game’s Presentation

The game depicts that hackers are recruiting people on the streets. The game did not make it proper and unique. Instead, they tried to skip that part and moved forward, but this is a good thing as you can play as almost anyone.

One bad thing is that you don’t run on the streets saying you work for a special group of hackers. It would be cool to see them randomly recruit people during some stealth mission or someone who they meet and help them.

Quantity Over Quality Is Time-Consuming

If you want to play as a different player, then it is time-consuming. You can play with many players, and you can simply recruit them into the team, but if you want to play with all the NPC’s players, It’s going to be time-consuming. There is a way to counter this. Create a poll of limited crew members who can roam all around the map and are available for almost all the missions.

Unsatisfying Adventure Of SpiderBot

There is a penalty of dying in the game, i.e., 30 mins to 1 hour out of commission. The only way to do this is by playing in stealth mode. It can be done by activating traps, hacking them, and luring the bad guys into it.

There is no dedicated button to jump, so you will have to wait for the player to jump or just get stuck on the ledge that is above the ground.


The first opinion about the game is not that good. Watch Dogs Legion Review would be that the game is not that fun, but it can be for others. It has good and bad balance, so it can be called a good game. Let’s hope for some changes, which include fun mini-missions in the game with some good dialogues. Low amount of usage of spider bots. It is going to be a good game with a lot of in-game details and extra things to be done.


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