Vote Count In Pennsylvania
Vote Count In Pennsylvania

Vote Count In Pennsylvania: Case Lost By Donald Trump To Stop Counting

The high pressure of elections can be seen between the two contenders to win the election. Donald Trump and Joe Biden both have been near the win, with Joe Biden near the success. With this stress, Donald Trump raised an essential question of fraud in the voting process in Pennsylvania.

He said Stop the Counting, and he asked the court to stop the Vote Count In Pennsylvania and start it only when the Republican observers are there.

Vote Count In Pennsylvania

On that, the US federal judge turned down the request to stop the counting going on in Pennsylvania. The judge, Paul Diamond, said in a statement that the offer would not be accepted.

Trump wanted to force that the counting of votes should be done in front of the Republican observers so that the vote count can be fair. However, Republicans already have access to Polling station in Philadelphia.

According to Trump’s team, the work of the observers can be hindered while counting by a lot of distractions.

The state of Pennsylvania is an important place for the election as it has 20 electoral votes. The lead that Trump had in the start is now shrinking with time, and almost 18K votes lead is left between Trump and Biden. Trump has 49.5% votes, and Biden is on 49.2%.

One can imagine both the nominees’ popularity as both have really less difference between the votes, and the difference is getting lesser with each hour of counting.

The US Post says that over 1700 ballot papers were received in Pennsylvania on Thursday. Philadelphia got the most votes, and after that was Pittsburgh, who got the second max votes. The ballot paper will now be distributed to the polling officers for the vote count.

The deadline for the incoming ballot paper will not expire until today, i.e., Friday. Till then keep an eye on Vote Count In Pennsylvania.

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