Val Kilmer Plastic Surgery: Did American Actor Val Kilmer Ever Undergo Plastic Surgery?

val kilmer plastic surgery

Val Kilmer reassures fans that he is doing great as he gets ready to return to the big screen. The 60-year-old actor is a part of Paydirt, his first film after he was treated for throat cancer that required a tracheotomy. Despite the treatment severely impairing his speech, Kilmer verified that he is still in high spirits.

Fans have been debating if Val Kilmer underwent plastic surgery for some time now. Let’s get to the information without further ado.

Did Val Kilmer Undergo Plastic Sugery?

Despite rumors of unsavory behavior on set, Val Kilmer spent nearly two decades creating unforgettable moments before time took its toll on his once boyish good features.

Kilmer’s status has substantially diminished since he was no longer one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, yet he has consistently refused to get plastic surgery. Kilmer, who has always been undeniable “a looker,” is maturing like a good wine despite rumors that his health has deteriorated significantly in recent years.

Kilmer may have kept quiet about these issues for years, but when the Top Gun actor revealed he had been battling throat cancer and undergone a tracheotomy, a procedure where a gap is made in the trachea’s anterior wall to aid with breathing, the cat was eventually let out of the bag.

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However, Kilmer first claimed to dispute these allegations in 2017, claiming he had surgery for an unspecified further medical issue. He was obviously hiding the truth, then. Despite this, he is maturing gracefully in light of the situation.

On June 22, 2018, Kilmer posted a selfie on Facebook. The post’s caption read, “What is going on with my face? When I get my hair trimmed, all of a sudden I develop a cleft chin? Is that spelled correctly… The word “cleft” hasn’t been in my writing in maybe 25 years.”

Val Kilmer Is Learning New Way to Communicate After Tracheotomy:

It is obvious that Val Kilmer having surgery seems implausible. In actuality, there is no proof that he ever had plastic surgery. Thirty-four years after playing the role of Iceman in Top Gun, Val Kilmer made his presence known with a new character in Paydirt. He is currently learning a new way to communicate after having a tracheotomy.

The movie, which hits theatres in August 2020 and is just as action-packed as when he starred with Tom Cruise, is extraordinary for an actor who battled throat cancer and underwent a tracheotomy, as he revealed in his book, which was released back in April.

In an interview that aired on Good Morning America on Monday, Val claimed, “I’m doing terrific, I feel a lot better than I sound. The actor’s tracheotomy impeded communication and made his profession difficult, but he believes nothing has been impossible.

val kilmer plastic surgery

It’s the same as any other language or dialect, according to Val Kilmer. It’s just a really special combination of circumstances, but you have to figure out a way to communicate that’s no different than any other acting task.

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“I’m so proud to have been in this movie and to have worked on this movie like not just because my dad is my real dad, but because I know you don’t really lead with this but you do have a voice disability now, and it really meant a lot to me to be able to be involved in this movie that centers a disabled actor, or an actor with a disability,” the actor said.

Mercedes does not let comparisons to her father bother her despite the fact that acting runs in her family. She explained, “It comes up when other people bring it up at me. “I didn’t even know what that was about for a very long time,” the speaker said.

Regarding Top Gun, Tom Cruise’s admirers are interested in the status of the eagerly anticipated sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, in which Tom “Iceman” Kazansky would reappear with Tom Cruise. Val Kilmer remarked, “Iceman has not become Ice Monk. The only thing I can tell you about the movie is that my hair is not the same length.”

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