Uniform Shark Tank Updates 2022: UNIFORM Founder on Shark Tank Making $12,000 Light Toys!!

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What Is Uniformity?

Affordable streetwear t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and headwear are part of the UNIFORM range, which was created and produced in Africa. For each item purchased, Uniform donates garments to an African child in need of a school uniform. To attend public schools in several African nations, children must wear school uniforms. Children who are unable to purchase these uniforms are prohibited from attending.

The business UNIFORM was started by Chid Liberty and Adam Butlin. Although the company primarily sells clothing, it actually does much more. To suggest that they are in the business of helping others would be more accurate.

While Liberian women design them, Chid and Adam manufacture and distribute their clothing throughout the world from North America. For each item of clothing purchased, they give a school uniform to a child in Liberia. The improvement of children’s education and the provision of jobs in moral factories for working mothers throughout Africa benefit a large number of people.

Company Name Uniform +1
Entrepreneur Chid Liberty & Adam Butlin
Product African social enterprise promotes ethically-produced clothing.
Investment Asking For $300,000 for 10% equity in Uniform
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Episode  Season 10 Episode 10
Business Status In Business


Who Is the Founder of Uniform?

uniform shark tank

UNIFORM was started by Adam Butlein and Chid Liberty. Chid is a native of Liberia who moved to America as a young child. He was raised in Silicon Valley and then moved back to his nation of origin as an adult.

He saw how few kids went to school as soon as he got back. Students must wear a school uniform to many African schools. If their families cannot afford it, students frequently skip class without a uniform.

In addition, Chid and Adam established Liberty & Justice, the first Fair Trade apparel business in Africa. Before the Ebola epidemic put a year’s worth of production at Uniform’s $4,000,000 yearly revenue at a standstill.

They made the decision to grow their company by producing uniforms for kids in Liberia. With more fabric, they started UNIFORM. According to research, donated school uniforms can boost test scores and attendance by up to 0.25 standard deviations, and two out of every three girls who receive a uniform put off getting pregnant.

Before Shark Tank, Uniform

uniform shark tank

Perhaps surprisingly, a platinum international hit was combined with socially-minded marketing and fashion design. Darold D. Brown Ferguson, Jr., better known as ASAP Ferg, disagrees.

Growing up in Harlem, he demonstrated his artistic talent by helping to design t-shirts and record logos for his father’s company. He launched his own company as soon as he received his art school diploma.

The high-end accessory-focused Devon Clothing caught the attention of Chris Brown and Diggy Simmons. But by 2010, ASAP Ferg had realized his musical talent and love. ASAP He teamed up with Rocky, a classmate from high school, to create the hip-hop group ASAP Mob.

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He designed outfits for the group, drawing on his experience in both fashion and the arts. Over the course of several years, ASAP Ferg achieved great success as a rapper, finally going platinum with a solo album.

Without a question, throughout his career, ASAP Ferg has maintained an interest in art and design. In 2017, he collaborated with Chid Liberty’s organization, Liberty & Justice. As a socially conscious clothing brand established in 2010, Liberty & Justice distributes “Fair Trade” clothing made in many different African nations, including Ghana and Liberia.

For instance, the Liberian Women’s Sewing Project is owned by 49% of its staff, and proceeds from sales go to the Community Development Fund of Liberty and Justice. Every piece of clothing purchased under the company’s “one-for-one” UNIFORM label results in the donation of a new school uniform to a kid in Liberia.

In an interview with Vogue.com in April 2017, ASAP Ferg was questioned about his decision to work with Liberty & Justice and donate uniforms to children in Africa. She made me wear a uniform even though it wasn’t required when I went to public school for junior high, he recounted.

In African schools, uniforms are required, and students whose families cannot afford them are severely disadvantageous. According to a 2004 MIT study, giving free school uniforms to African pupils reduced absenteeism by 43% and increased test scores by 25%.

uniform shark tank

According to a 2010 MIT research, free school uniforms also reduced young marriage by 20% and teen pregnancies by 17%. A Liberian Entrepreneur Lifts Women and Children Out of Poverty, by Lisa Cox, Forbes.com, May 28, 2018, p. 7.

An “apparel styling service,” Uniform+1 sends customers a hand-selected shipment of clothing every month that contains pieces from Ferg’s Traplord line in addition to other high-end and “real street” brands.

The set consists of a bucket hat, a camp jacket, a hoodie, and a logo t-shirt. The clothing is offered in a variety of sizes and in both men’s and women’s fashions, and each piece is backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

In 2017, ASAP Ferg visited Liberia to talk about the need for uniforms for kids who could now go to school. He states in the Vogue piece that “you see many kids on the streets because they cannot afford to buy a uniform and, as a result, they cannot attend school.”

I believe that clothing as one chooses enhances one’s sense of self-worth. By providing uniforms for these kids, they not only receive an education but also feel powerful and joyous. My dearth of possessions served as the inspiration for Ferg’s design of Traplord. I want the children to understand that they are monarchs and that they are capable of scaling the highest mountains in the world.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Uniform?

On Shark Tank, Adam and Chid asked for a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 10% interest in Uniform.

Conclusion: Sharks and Uniform did not reach an agreement.

What Transpired with Uniform Following Shark Tank?

After the entrepreneur appeared on the Shark Tank stage, the Uniform apparel line’s recognition increased. Following their involvement in the show, the owners of Uniform Clothing were able to secure numerous retail and outlet arrangements.

Children’s uniform attire is available in a variety of physical locations and online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and many others.

Is Uniform Still in Business?

uniform shark tank

Despite the absence of a Sharks offer, Uniform is a successful business on its own. To spread the word and attract more business, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. 1,300 people have contributed $230,059 to UNIFORM+1, enabling the project to continue. In just five hours, they raised more than four times the initial $50,000 commitment goal.

Several well-known celebrities, including Shaq, Whitney Port, and Adam Braun, have been spotted wearing their clothing. Uniform will continue to fight for better children’s access to school in Liberia in addition to giving jobs to Liberian mothers and ethically sourced street apparel to people all over the world.

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What Is Uniform’s Net Worth?

When Uniform made an appearance on Shark Tank, it was valued at $3 million. As of 2022, Uniform has a $5 million net worth.

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