Features and Instructions for Setting up The True Caller Premium Apk!

True Caller Premium Apk

When compared to the device’s built-in functions, Truecaller offers the finest experience for calling, messaging, and contact management.

For caller ID, spam call and SMS blocking, and other communication needs, 250 million users rely on Truecaller. It eliminates the undesirable and enables interaction with important people.

One of the programs owned by True Software Scandinavia AB is Truecaller. When it comes to applications that can provide caller ID and block unwanted calls, Truecaller is the user’s top option because of its wealth of strong and distinctive features.

  • It has numerous enhancements that improve the system or caller security. Additionally, it has a subtle filtering feature that can permanently stop spam calls from any known source that is attempting to bother users.
  • One of the most important improvements for people is Truecaller since it makes it easier for them to manage or relax through screening and communication with each individual contact.
  • Users can organize their schedules or stop unwanted calls by using advanced call and contact managers.
  • Intelligent features instantly prohibit a certain business or contact without upsetting users or even leaving a trace in history.
  • Provide users with complete caller ID information, including names, addresses, and other personal information, so they can decide whether to accept a call or not.
  • A humorous video greeting before a call is made, demonstrating the superiority of transferring all users’ intentions during a call.

Features of Truecaller Gold and Premium


1 Get Notified When Someone Views Your Truecaller Profile with Who Viewed My Profile.

2 No Ads – Use Truecaller free of obtrusive Ad Banners.

3 Record phone calls with call recording. (Unavailable for Android Pie & Q)

4 Incognito Mode – View other people’s profiles covertly.

5 Premium Badge – When you make calls, you appear professional.

6 Send up to 30 requests per month. More Contact Requests.

7 Gold Caller ID – Alert others that you are a gold member and receive a gold badge.

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Why Truecaller

The only app you need for secure and effective communication is Truecaller. You may experience all your needs for free right here, making it simpler for customers to make greater use of Truecaller premium features.

Strong Dialer:

– Disallow telemarketers and spam.

– View call history to identify names of unknown numbers

– Call recording to Save recordings of crucial phone calls on your phone.

Flash messaging allows you to quickly share your position, emoji, and status with your pals.

– Google Drive backup for call history, contacts, and settings

App for smart SMS:

– Automatically recognize each unidentified SMS

– Automatically ban telemarketing SMS and spam.

– Series block with names and numbers

Using Truecaller Premium:

– Phone call recordings

– Be aware of profile views.

– A private profile view option

– Update your profile with the Premium badge.

– 30 requests for contact per month

– No advertisements

How do I set up the True Caller Premium Apk?


1 If you already have the official Truecaller app installed, remove it (Important)

2 Open your phone’s settings and Enable Unknown Sources under Security.

3 Install the Truecaller Premium Mod Apk File on your phone by clicking on it. (If prompted, select Allow from this source.)

4 Open the True Caller application.

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5 Select the necessary Get Started & Allow Permission button.

6 After entering your number, an OTP will be sent to you to validate it.

7 Type your name and email address.

8 Done! You have already paid nothing to become a Premium Gold Member.

Visit the menu to see all the premium features, such as who has viewed your profile, etc.

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