Truck Overturned Near Feytiat
Truck Overturned Near Feytiat

A Truck Overturned Across The A20 Highway Near Feytiat

A semi-trailer was transporting dairy products overturned on the A20 Highway on October 14, 2020, shortly after 4 pm at Feytiat.

The driver, seriously hit in the head, was taken care of by the firefighters and the SAMU, he must be evacuated to the Limoges University Hospital.

Truck Overturned Across A20 Highway Near Feytiat
Truck Overturned Across A20 Highway Near Feytiat

Traffic was utterly cut off in the south-north direction. The police and gendarmerie services diverted traffic at the Boisseuil exit.

For other vehicles stuck behind the truck, the highway traffic management centre has planned to open reserved access to the service to get them out of the highway.

In the north-south direction, the truck’s trailer neutralized the faster lane, also causing slowdowns. According to the police services joined at 5 pm, the traffic will be further disrupted “several hours” to evacuate the semi-trailer. “We will have to bring in a crane,” we were told at the police station.

Diversions have been put in place, but traffic is also saturated on these relief routes.

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