Trippie App Shark Tank Update 2022: What Happened to Trippie App After Shark Tank?

trippie app shark tank

What Is Trippie, Exactly?

Trippie is an airport navigation app that helps passengers navigate large airports. It includes interactive airport maps, photos, restaurant reviews, and airport restaurant menus.

If you’ve ever gone by the airline, you’re definitely familiar with the torture of a layover. While you have a stopover, you can explore the airport and grab a bite to eat before boarding your trip. If you have a short layover, you won’t have much time to check your bags, eat something, and relax before your next flight.

At that point, Trippie enters the picture. The Trippie app makes airport navigating a breeze. This software features flight monitoring as well as an interactive map of the airport so you can see where everything is. Trippie shows menus, reviews, and hours of operation for restaurants, as well as the time it takes to get food from them.

Company Name Trippie
Founder Ryan Diew
Product Trippie: Airport Navigation App
Investment Seeking $100,000 for 10% equity in Trippie
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Business Status In Business

Who Is the Founder of Trippie?

Trippie was developed by Ryan Diew, a computer science student who spent two years at Colgate University playing NCAA Division 1 basketball. In October 2017, he introduced Trippie to Shark Tank. He went to the Tank looking for a $100,000 investment in return for a 10% interest in Trippie.

Before Shark Tank, Trippie:

Ryan Diew, a teenage entrepreneur, invented the Trippie app. Ryan went to and from college on a regular basis and as a travelling college basketball player, so he knows how irritating the airport can be for the typical passenger.

The startup plans to create an app that would allow travellers to engage with one another and get airport information. All of this was achieved before he graduated from college, and he then began growing the app with the help of his brother.

While in the airport, Ryan Diew had the concept for Trippie. During a long layover from Oakland, California, the sophomore studied at Colgate University in New York. He was hungry, but he didn’t want to tote his carry-on luggage through the airport or miss his flight. He eventually decided to leave his belongings with a stranger while he went looking for lunch.

Diew began teaching himself Swift coding with the help of Samantha Braver, another Colgate student. At the 2016 Entrepreneur Weekend, they pitched Trippie jointly and secured over $22,000 in funding. He received $15,000 and a workspace to work on his idea full-time as a 2017 Entrepreneurs Fund recipient.

After his company was highlighted in’s Coolest Colleges Startup competition, he was contacted by Shark Tank. Ryan Diew appeared on Shark Tank in October 2017 and asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his company. Diew’s time on Shark Tank went above and beyond his expectations.

One Shark thought the app didn’t address the important issue, another didn’t see a competitive advantage, and still, another didn’t think it was a complete business. Following Diew’s visit, Mark Cuban, one of the sharks, challenged Diew to prove the sharks wrong about the app. He decided to go on Shark Tank because he needed money to build his business.

How Was Shark Tank Pitch of Trippie?

Ryan entered the Shark Tank after receiving a final hug from his mother and explaining to the panel that Trippie was destined to become the go-to app for navigating large airports and interacting with other tired passengers. In exchange for a 10% interest in Trippie, he was looking for $100,000.

Ryan told the Sharks that he felt like he was continuously at an airport as a college student from Oakland and a student-athlete. Spending hours in an airport terminal may be exhausting, especially for frequent flyers like him and business travellers.

Ryan gathered his belongings, wanting to show rather than tell the Sharks about his past experiences. When he walked inside the terminal, he couldn’t find the directories, so he’d travel throughout the airport seeking things that weren’t there.

Ryan noted that he generally ended up at the newsstand closest to his gate, picking up a soggy tuna sandwich. He announced to Trippie that he would never have to settle for whatever the nearest shop had to offer, tossing the tuna sandwich into the trash can on stage. Instead of the soggy tuna sandwich, he could simply find a delicious burrito in a supermarket. He ate a taco that he had hidden beneath a stage plant.

Ryan began by showing the Sharks how Trippie worked on a huge screen monitor. A list of airports included “Shark Tank International.” A list of restaurants shows when you click on the airport, including “Shark Tank Diner.” When you click on a restaurant, Trippie shows you the location of the restaurant’s gate, the distance from it, and the hours of operation.

The user’s location was displayed as a blue dot on a map, which guided them to their goal. Trippie, according to Ryan, will take care of the majority of the stress associated with airport travel. He asked the Sharks to help him get Trippie into the hands of millions of frequent travellers around the world.

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Robert wanted to know how many airports were included in the programme. Ryan revealed that he presently operates four airports in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto, with plans to expand to five more.

Barbara noticed that restaurants, particularly in airports, constantly change their locations, prices, and menu items. Ryan’s method of adding and updating Trippie’s information piqued her interest. All data is being manually inputted with descriptions of the restaurant’s menu items, such as the sort of cuisine or beers served, according to Ryan.

Ryan revealed that he had turned down a handful of employment offers from major corporations such as Google and Facebook just weeks before the tape to focus full-time on Trippie. He stated that he is always considering it. Mark inquired as to whether Ryan still lived with his parents, and Ryan confirmed that he did.

Ryan was in charge of Trippie’s coding and iOS development. There have been 850 downloads and about 160 monthly active users since he originally released the software. Other apps performed similarly to Trippie, but Robert told Ryan not to be concerned about competition; he wanted to know why Trippie was superior to other available apps.

The main goal of Trippie was to connect travellers at the airport. Trippie was supposed to play the function of Waze in the airport, according to Ryan. As they neared, he envisioned travellers swapping information about the length of the TSA wait. Lori felt it was a great idea, but Ryan didn’t include it in his presentation.

Ryan used the Google Maps API to track the movements of passengers in an airport. The difference was that Trippie would create a community of travellers who would be able to communicate and share information about their airport experiences. Barbara was interested to learn what Ryan planned to do with the money he wanted to get from one of the Sharks.

Ryan noted that one of his main goals was to allow users to import their travel plans into the programme. He boasted that monthly users had increased by 40% in the weeks following graduation, but when he revealed it was just 179, Mark pointed out that the increase was insignificant at that level.

Why hadn’t Ryan found out a way to link to airport backends, Robert wondered? Ryan indicated that he had not made direct touch with any airports. Lori said Ryan’s ambition to become the Waze of airport terminals was admirable, but that he should focus on the utility of providing security line wait times.

She expressed her regret for not noticing that some of the new functions were already in development and were later cancelled. Ryan was upset, lamenting the fact that he didn’t have a wealthy uncle or friends who could invest in Trippie.

Robert was not pleased and chastised the young entrepreneur, emphasising that he was an immigrant and that his mother worked as a receptionist. Ryan had to toughen up, be more resourceful, and accept his situation. Robert told Ryan that he needed to provide value for Trippie and then he and Rohan both left.

When three Sharks were removed, Ryan was furious. Barbara informed him that, while she thought Trippie was a great idea, it was not yet a business and that seeking financing was premature. She, too, had to resign. Trippie, in Mark’s opinion, was more of a feature than a commercial product. He told Ryan that he had discovered how difficult it was to start a firm like this.

Learning to see his circumstances realistically was the most challenging part. Mark wished Ryan well but informed him that he was likewise unavailable. Ryan was upset, claiming that he had put his heart, soul, and sweat into this project. Ryan was urged by Mark not to brag about himself.

The Sharks on the panel had all worked hard and sweated their way to the top. Mark counselled Ryan that he needed to work hard to prove his worth and the worth of his company.

Is Trippie Still in Business?

Trippie has grown from four airports at the time of its Shark Tank appearance to 22 airports around the world, with US airports accounting for 82 per cent of all flight traffic. Following the airing of the episode, Trippie’s user base grew dramatically.

Trippie has updated its app with several new features, including the ability to rate restaurants. Trippie is now accessible only on Apple iPhones. It is, however, planned to be made available on Android.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Trippie?

trippie app shark tank


At the time of the presentation, Trippie was only in four airports. By June 2020, Trippie will be available in 22 airports around the world. Trippie claims to be the number one airport app in the United States on their Twitter account. Their Facebook profile hasn’t been updated since December 2017.

Ryan, on the other hand, does not appear to have given up. Since the Shark Tank episode, the software has been updated several times. Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo have all been added to its international airport network.

Ryan may have been depressed after failing to land a contract on Shark Tank, but he hasn’t given up. Since his introduction, Trippie has been upgraded several times, the most recent addition being 18 airports and extensions to international hubs in Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Users may now search for airport restaurants based on their category and location on Trippie. As a method to connect travellers, the app now features a restaurant rating system. Despite not winning anything from his Shark Tank participation, he did win $10,000 at the “Tech Done Right” pitch competition. He was named one of the most powerful African-Americans in the field of technology.

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They added new features, such as the ability to search for restaurants by category and by the airport. Additionally, customers may now rate restaurants directly within the Trippie app. It has a rating of 4.3 stars. The company’s Twitter account is still operational, however, the website and Facebook page are no longer functioning.

He’ll occasionally send himself motivational messages like “Focus on the good.” Trippie said on May 24, 2018, that they would be “creating something insane for you guys… “Be on the lookout.” No more information about the new venture has been provided as of August 2021.

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