Travis Barker Discloses His Hospitalization and “Life-Threatening” Health Scare

Travis Barker Discloses His Hospitalization and "Life-Threatening" Health Scare

The guitarist from Blink-182 was accompanied by his wife Kourtney Kardashian as he was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles on June 28. After his emergency visit, Travis gave his followers an update on his health on July 2.

“I felt wonderful when I went in for my endoscopy on Monday. But following supper, I started experiencing tremendous pain, and I’ve been in the hospital ever since “To his Instagram Story, he stated. “I had a tiny polyp removed during the endoscopy that was located in a delicate place that is typically handled by specialists. This procedure tragically resulted in the loss of a crucial pancreatic drainage channel. This led to severe pancreatitis that was potentially fatal.”

“I am really extremely glad that after intense treatment I am currently considerably better,” Travis continued.

How Is an Endoscopy Carried Out? What Is It?

A flexible tube with a camera called an endoscope is passed down a patient’s esophagus and into their stomach during an endoscopy to look at the lining of their upper GI tract. The doctor can take small bits of tissue for a biopsy during the surgery, which is often carried out under anesthesia, according to the National Institute of Health.

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How Is Pancreatitis Treated and What Causes It?

The pancreas is inflamed by pancreatitis. According to the NIH, less severe cases may necessitate surgery while milder ones often go well with rest within a few days. Alabama Barker, 16, whose mother is Shanna Moakler, posted to social media a few hours after Travis was spotted being brought to the hospital to beg for followers’ prayers for him.

Unfortunately, Landon Barker, Alabama’s older brother, was unable to join Alabama at her father’s side. The 18-year-old joined Machine Gun Kelly onstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City for their song, “Die in California.” Machine Gun Kelly is both his dad’s regular collaborator and close friend.

The same day, Travis tweeted “God save me,” albeit the three words might have also been a reference to a song that was released in March.

On June 30, the mother of the children, Shanna Moakler, released a statement of her own regarding her ex-health husband’s scare “Thank you to everyone who has contacted my ex-partner and the father of my children to express their worry. I am confident that he is in excellent hands, supported by caring loved ones, the greatest medical staff possible, and his stunning wife Kourtney.”

Travis Barker Discloses His Hospitalization and "Life-Threatening" Health Scare

Only one month has passed since the musician’s most recent medical issue. He and the Kardashians star wed in a grand ceremony in Portofino, Italy, in late May. Travis has previously received significant hospital care. He survived a private plane disaster in 2008 that killed four people and left him with 65 percent of his body covered in third-degree burns. Travis underwent 26 procedures while spending three months in the hospital.

Travis didn’t fly again after the accident until Kourtney took him on a trip to Mexico in August of last year. Since then, the two have taken multiple flights together, including their wedding day in May.

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