Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss: True Or False?

Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss
Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss

Tragus piercing looks unique to an individual and is a very popular type of piercing. The piercing is located on the small notch of cartilage, called the tragus, that pokes out right in front of your ear canal. The most common types of jewelry used in tragus piercings are labret studs, bead rings, or ball closure rings.

The use of tragus piercings began to increase around 2005. Most people only get their tragus pierced in one ear, and it is rare to see people with their tragus pierced on both ears. In most cases, tragus piercings are commonly worn by females, but over the last decade, the popularity of tragus piercing had been rapidly increased among young boys.

Anyone can get their Tragus piercing done, but you should know that it depends on every individual’s tragus. Some people can get their tragus pierced without any problem, but some people have a tragus that is too thin or too thick to insert the ring.

Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss

What is Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss

The tragus is usually one of the easier cartilage piercings to get as it involves some pain. You may experience a bit of discomfort at the time of piercing while getting the tragus pierced, but the pain is bearable, and everyone can survive that amount of pain.

The main reason behind this is because there are very few amounts of nerves in the tragus as it is filled with cartilage. The tragus of the ear is made up of a thin layer of flexible cartilage. This means that there isn’t as much thick tissue filled with nerves that cause pain as other ear areas, and with every piercing, the amount of pain depends on the person.

Tragus piercing for weight loss will take at least 4-6 months to heal completely as the tragus takes a decent amount of time to heal properly as the cartilage doesn’t regenerate quickly. Tragus piercing can be prone to infections if not taken care of before and after the piercing is done.

It’s important to use proper techniques and medications to help prevent uncomfortable side effects from your tragus piercing. After the piercing is done, You should never touch your piercing unless you are cleaning, and your hands should be clean while touching it.

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Fact About Tragus Piercing For Weight Loss

Tragus piercing is related to acupuncture techniques that can only help you control and reduce your appetite, and problems such as overeating are eliminated. But On average, ear-piercing showed a significant reduction of 3 to 4 pounds in women and up to 5 pounds in men in a week. The effect of ear piercing lasts for 2 to 4 months on average.

This could be possible only if you can control or stop yourself from forcefully eating, but it can not completely reduce weight. Some people say that tragus piercings can help with anxiety and migraine pain. You may benefit from either of those things, but nothing can be guaranteed, as there haven’t been any scientific experiments or studies related to this subject.

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There is no claim that tragus piercing for weight loss is true or false because there is no experiment done, but if you won’t try it and see if it works for you, you can do it and see if it works. But If you think you have gained a lot of weight and want to lose the weight rapidly, then don’t depend on it if you want rapid weight loss.

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