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tisha campbell divorce

Tisha Michelle Campbell is an American actress, comedian, singer, and dancer who was born on October 13, 1968. She made her movie debut in the 1986 rock musical comedy picture Little Shop of Horrors and then featured in the short-lived NBC musical comedy-drama Rags to Riches (1987–1988). She was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but reared in Newark, New Jersey.

Early years:


Campbell was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but grew up in Newark, New Jersey, where she attended Newark Arts High School and East Orange, New Jersey’s Washington Academy of Music.

Mona (née Raye) Shockley (now Mona Washington) was a nurse, talent manager, gospel singer, and vocal instructor for her mother. Clifton Campbell, her father, was a factory worker and vocalist who now works with poor youngsters on both the east and west coasts as a chess master. [3] Her parents pushed her to pursue her passion for music.

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are officially Announced Their Divorce:

While in the sight of their kid, the judge further ordered them to “treat each other with respect and dignity.”

The stars will not pay spousal or child support to each other, and they will split custody of their youngest son, Ezekiel, according to a judge’s decision on Wednesday. (They have an eighteen-year-old son, Xen, who lives with Campbell.) According to TMZ, they will have the child on a weekly basis.

Campbell is allowed to keep a rented home and a leased 2020 BMW, according to court records acquired by the source. Martin will be driving a Kawasaki motorbike, a BMW scooter, a 2014 Bentley, and a rented residence.

While in the sight of their kid, the judge further ordered them to “treat each other with respect and dignity.”

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, the actress said that she was financially suffering when she divorced her spouse.
“I had maybe $7 to my name and I was terrified — it felt like I was starting over,” she explained to the host.
“The fact that I raised children who didn’t give a damn about the enormous home I had or the fact that we had to start over or anything,” she said. “Starting anew isn’t always easy, but it’s often the only option.” “It’s a lovely devastation.”

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Tisha filed for divorce after accusing her ex-husband of physical and emotional abuse, as theGrio previously reported.
According to TMZ, the Martin actress filed for a restraining order against her ex after claiming their baby was unwell. She claims he broke into a violent fury against her last month, alleging he “grabbed me by my arm to attempt to get me in the bedroom.”

Is Tisha Campbell out of money? Her divorce resulted in financial difficulties.
Tisha married fellow actor Duane Martin in 1996, just before the last season of Martin was slated to debut (whose last name has no affiliation with the Fox comedy). Tina Campbell-Martin became her professional and personal name after she hyphenated her last name.

Following that, they co-starred in numerous episodes of Tisha’s comedy show, Rita Rocks.

Before formally parting in 2018, Tisha and Duane had two boys together, Xen and Ezekiel. Their divorce became contentious quickly, and their financial and emotional difficulties were litigated.

During their divorce, the couple became bankrupt, and Tisha accused her ex of hiding a mansion from her behind a corporate name. Will Smith is said to have given Duane a loan of $1.4 million to $1.5 million to help him keep the house from foreclosure.

Tisha said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazer that the circumstances surrounding her divorce were far more serious than the public was aware of.

She revealed that she had almost little money when she left her marriage:

“Nothing. Nobody knows, but I didn’t have anything. There’s no money in the bank. Nothing at all, “When asked what she took away from the divorce procedures, she answered. “I had maybe $7 in my pocket and was terrified. It seemed like I was beginning from scratch.”

She went on to claim that her sons were essential in her recovery and that their support enabled her to go on.

“I did raise children who were unconcerned with the large estate I had or the fact that we had to start over or anything…” she added. “Starting afresh isn’t always easy, but it’s often the only option. It’s a stunning scene of carnage.”

Campbell Net Worth:

tisha campbell divorce

Tisha Campbell’s net worth is unknown. Tisha Campbell is a singer and actress from the United States with a net worth of $500,000. Campbell has performed in a number of television episodes, films, and theatrical performances over her acting career. Her relatively low net worth (given her acting fame) stems from a series of financial problems she faced throughout her marriage to Duane Martin. Duane and Tisha filed for bankruptcy in 2016, two years before they divorced. According to the statement, the couple owed $15.1 million in debt and had no assets. Tisha claimed to have only $7 in her bank account when she filed for divorce in February 2018.

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