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The Punisher Season 3 Release Date Cast Episode Review Trailer

Hola, Marvel The Punisher lovers.

There is some GOOD as well as BAD news for you. As you are waiting for The Punisher Season 3 which was scheduled to be aired. So the news is also regarding Marvel’s The Punisher.

So let’s start with the BAD one.

Marvel The Punisher Season 3 series has been delayed due to some reasons. But there are a few things you show know about the show and its popularity.

Firstly, let me introduce you that The Punisher is a thrill crime series and very famous in American net television. Steve Lightfoot created this series on the basis of Marvel comic character on the same name.

Secondly, there are 2 seasons of The Punisher on Television and Netflix. Moreover, both the seasons of Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix have tremendous rating and reviews. The thrill crime series has been watched and loved a lot on Netflix as well.

The Punisher Season 3

The Punisher Season 3 Release Date

Recently, Netflix has cancelled the broadcasting on its platform. They have given the reason being low collection through this web series on their platform. So this was the bad news for the Marvel’s The Punisher.

But wait, there is a piece of good news too. This show will telecast on disney+. One more broadcasting platform showed interest in broadcasting the series and that is Hulu.

This means that Season 3 The Punisher will be there but there is talk between the broadcasting platforms and who knows the show will broadcast on Netflix too.

The Punisher Season 3 Release date Netflix will be announced if they agree to broadcast it on their platform. Otherwise, I will tell you the platform where you can watch it for free online.

Let’s hope for the best and move further.

The Punisher Season 3 Cast & Villan

There might be no change in the star cast in this season too. As the same cast worked passionately and is preferred due to their stylish work.

The Cast consists of: –

  • Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle
  • Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani
  • Jason R Moore as Curtis ‘Curt’ Hoyle
  • Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim
  • Florida Lima as Krista Dumont
  • Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix

Hope there is no change in the cast of the show. Moving further.

The Punisher Season 3 Plot Episode & Reviews Trailer

Frank Castle the main lead of the series is well known as The Punisher in New York. He catches the murderer of Amy Bendix and forgives her and let her live her life and accept his life as it is going.

And as soon as the series is aired, I will provide you with the episodes and review of each episode. But for this, you have to wait for the release of the thrill crime series on any of the platform.

I will also provide Trailer as soon as possible.

The Punisher Season 3 IMDB, Rottentomatoes reviews will also be provided to you in detail. Or any other platform’s reviews will also be provided.

Don’t get disheartened, the series will be aired soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are few questions which are coming around regarding Marvel’s The Punisher Season 3.

So, let’s start with a few ones which are mostly asked and talked about.

Que: When does Season 3 of The Punisher Come Out?

Ans: This is the most asked question of all. And the answer is that it will come out soon once the broadcasting platform is finalised. There are 3 broadcasting platform where it can be aired and they are Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu.

Que: Who is the Villain in The Punisher Season 3?

Ans: This is a suspense that who will be the villain in the show. And the reason behind it is that the shooting has been delayed due to COVID-19 and will start soon. So as the shooting starts then only we will be able to tell you about the villain.

Que: When does Season 3 of The Punisher come out on Netflix?

Ans: Till now Netflix has backed out from broadcasting the thrill crime series on its platform due to collection from the superhero-based series. But they are in with talks with Marvel and let’s see what happens in future.

 Que: How Many Episodes in The Punisher Season 3?

Ans: In the previous season there were 13 episodes. And when broadcasting platforms are confirmed then the only number of episodes will be finalised.

Que: Will there be a Season 3 of The Punisher?

Ans: Yes, definitely there will be Season 3 and will be aired soon after the release date is confirmed.

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After reading this news about The Punisher Season 3 share your views in the comment section and also share it with your friends, family and the Marvel fans.

And if you have any question regarding this series feel free to ask and I will be very happy to answer all your questions.

Enjoy Reading!

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