The Longhairs Shark Tank Updates 2022: Did Mark Cuban Invested $100,000 in This Hair Product Start-Up?

What Are the Longhairs?

For their collection of hair products for men with long hair, The Longhairs is a well-known company. They claim to have the best men’s hair ties in the entire globe on their website, and they also provide a variety of accessories like head wraps and hair ties.

the longhairs shark tank

Their products include head wraps, which are meant to “contain the mane,” hair serum, which is used to cure and nourish long hair, and hair ties with masculine patterns like camouflage, shotgun shells, surfboards, martini glasses, and lightning bolts (not your little sister’s hair ties).

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They furthermore market caps and t-shirts. Up to this point, they have a large, albeit niche, following of about 25,000 members.

Who Are the Founders of Longhairs?

the longhairs shark tank

Lindsay Barto and Chris Healy, who are from San Diego, California, make up The Longhairs. The goal of the website “promote, educate, and celebrate males with ‘epic flows’ (while also selling hair ties)” that was started in 2014 by two business partners who also run a digital marketing agency was to “promote, educate, and celebrate guys with ‘epic flows’.”

The two men with long hair gathered and produced things for men because they were sick of shopping in the stores’ women’s hair care sections. The two men advocate for men with long hair. They go by the names El Rubio (the blonde) and El Moreno on their website (the brunette).

They make it clear to their followers that they want to defend, promote, and celebrate men with long hair. Long hair is a “badass,” as they say.

With every purchase, Children With Hair LossTM, a nonprofit organization that offers free human hair replacements and hair products to children and young people who are losing their hair as a consequence of a medical condition or treatment, receives a dollar from the Longhairs charity, Longhairs Do Care.

What Happened to The Longhairs at the Shark Tank Pitch?

On Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 16, Lindsay and Chris asked for $95,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in their business. This translates to a worth of $950,000.They give their story and argument before inviting the sharks to examine the samples on their tables.

Chris responds in the affirmative when asked if they’ve ever sold anything. He continues by saying that they generated $25,000 in revenue in the first year and $85,000 so far in 2017, which seemed to satisfy the panel. A single unit produces for $1.60 and sells for $12. Both their website and Amazon are used for sales. They used to run a digital agency, therefore they are skilled at selling online.

Kevin suggests a deal. He offers them $95,000 for a 10% investment in exchange for a $2 royalty each unit until $200,000 is paid after noticing their ludicrous margins. Chris acknowledges gratitude for the offer but admits they would like to think about it more. Before leaving, Lori thinks aloud about numerous patterns for a hot minute.

Daymond withdraws as well, claiming he doesn’t want to endanger their “quality of life.” Mark tells the two that he respects their expertise in their field. With that, he is prepared to offer them $100,000 with a 25% interest.

Chris enquires as to whether he would be willing to accept $100,000 in exchange for a 15% stake. The shark tells them that he would cut the stake to 20 percent while rejecting the offer. The panel watches as they decide while briefly speaking to one another. A little while later, they accept Mark’s invitation.

What Happened to The Longhairs After the Shark Tank Pitch?

the longhairs shark tank

With Mark, the Deal Was Finished. Since Broadcasting, They’ve Added Shampoo and Conditioner to Their Lineup of Goods. Because There Are so Many Fake Products on The Market, They No Longer Sell on Amazon.

While Utilising Their Skills in Social Media and Digital Marketing to Keep a Loyal “tribe” of Longhairs Engaged and Making Purchases. As of January 2022, the Business Is Still Running and Does $500,000 to $600,000 in Annual Sales.

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What Is the Net Worth of The Longhairs?

On Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 16, Lindsay and Chris Asked for $95,000 in Exchange for A 10% Ownership of Their Business. This Translates to A Worth of $950,000.

They Accepted Mark’s Offer of $100,000 for 20% Ownership in Their Company, Raising the Valuation to $500,000 as A Result. Evidently, the Company’s Current Valuation Is Higher Because of Its Expansion.

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