The Little Burros Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Little Burros After Shark Tank Pitch?

the little burros shark tank

What Is Little Burros?

Little Burros is a wheelbarrow attachment that can hold a variety of gardening tools, beverages, and other miscellaneous items. The Original Little Burro maximizes user organization while still being able to fit wheelbarrows of four, five, six, and seven cubic feet.

You’ll find a water-resistant pocket for your phone or other personal gadgets in the Original Little Burro, which includes a compartment for long-and short-handled tools. Additional Burro features are included. With a tray the size of a bouquet of flowers, a five-gallon bucket, and indentions for safely transporting a two-by-four, the Original Little Burro is the perfect tool for the job.

Because of its UV-resistant plastic construction, the Original Little Burro can hold up to 80 lbs. in the tray. The Original Little Burro is manufactured in the United States of America because we are committed to quality. For example, a drink bottle, tool holders for long and short handles, and a waterproof pocket for your phone are all included in the Burro Buddy.

When it comes to wheelbarrows, the Burro Buddy allows the user to make full advantage of the wheelbarrow’s hollow. If you’ve got a little space in your garage, the Burro Buddy is a great companion for long days in the yard.

Who Is the Founder of Little Burros?

the little burros shark tank

Bob Thorsen and his daughter Mollie developed Little Burros in Alexandria, Virginia. The idea came to Bob as he was helping his wife with the garden. He built a cardboard and duct tape copy of the original prototype in order to reduce the number of trips to the garden shed for additional tools.

As soon as he showed it to his children, they urged him to market it. With a construction company of their own, Bob and his family were no strangers to business. Little Burros, the family’s creation, quickly became a hit after they enlisted the help of an industrial designer. Multiple design awards prompted the Thorsens to create the Burro Buddy, a smaller version of the original.

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When their 29-year-old daughter died, the Thorsens were devastated. At the time of her death, Becca Thorsen, an anti-trafficking activist and a staunch supporter of the A21 movement, was in mourning. Thorsen and Becca’s family have decided to donate their whole 10% ownership in their company to a charitable foundation in her honor. The Little Burro Buddy is $39.99 and the original Little Burro is $52.99.

In addition to Amazon, you can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, and ACE Hardware, as well as other online and brick-and-mortar merchants of home improvement supplies. They took a break from the business after Becca’s death.

What Happened to Little Burros at Shark Tank Pitch?

A father-daughter team In the 1121st episode of Shark Tank, Bob, and Mollie Thorsen introduce the Sharks to their line of gardening accessories, Little Burros, in a pitch. They want to bring life back to Little Burros, and a Shark could help them do that.

To raise $250,000 for a 10% interest in their $2.5 million company, Bob and Mollie came on Shark Tank. After showing the product, they proceed to ask follow-up questions. The Sharks learn more about Rebecca from each of them.

A total of $400,0000 worth of products are being sold each month in Target and Menards as well as True Value and Amazon. If you buy them wholesale, they’ll run you $25. In the United States of America, they produce their products.

In order to get the ball rolling on a line of gardening tools, they need to raise some money. They’ve put up a cool million bucks into the business. Molds were purchased with the remaining monies, with the rest going into patents.

Barb uses a bucket since she says she’s never had a wheelbarrow. She left the house. Mark wasn’t just a gardener; he also went out on the town occasionally. Daymond admires the product but leaves because he doesn’t think he can help.

As far as Kevin is concerned, it was a perfect match for his hardware company. He offers $250,000 in exchange for a 7% share in the company and a $7 royalty per unit until he recovers the remaining $500,000 in his investment.

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In exchange for a 3 percent equity stake, Lori offers to lend you $250,000 at a 6 percent interest rate with a $5 royalty fee. Barbara’s advice to them is to walk away from both contracts. Barbara Both bids were rejected by Mark and Barbara, who applauded when they finally walked away without a deal.

What Happened to Little Burros After Shark Tank?

Despite the failure of the Shark Tank investment, the company is off to a good start in 2020, with merchandise available at Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co., and Amazon. Their internet sales soared when Covid-19 was put on lockdown. Sales surged fourfold in the month after the show’s airing. As of February 2022, the company is still in operation, with annual sales of $1 million.

Net Worth of Little Burros:

On and After the Pitch, the Company Was Valued at $2.5 Million. Since Then, the Company Has Continued to Operate, and As a Result, Its Net Worth May Be More than Pitch’s.

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