The Kooler Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Workout Cooler After $50,000 Shark Tank Deal?

the kooler shark tank

What Is the Kooler, Exactly?

The Kooler is a drinking container with multiple components. The outer layer is made up of cold water that can be consumed throughout the day. Pre-exercise, workout, and post-workout drinks are kept separate yet refrigerated in Kooler beverage coolers. Protein shakes can be made with two shakers.

The outer layer acts as a cooler for beverage goods such as protein shakes and healthy juices, which helps to keep the inner layer cool. A compartment for protein powder or small snacks is included in the inner layer.

Company Name The Kooler
Entrepreneur Stan Efferding
Product Container Within A Cooler
Investment Asking For $50,000 For 15% equity in The Kooler
Final Deal $50,000 For 33.3% equity in The Kooler
Shark Daymond John
Episode  Season 8 Episode 15
Business Status Out Of Business

Who Is the Kooler’s Founder?

Stan Efferding, a competitive bodybuilder, invented The Kooler and submitted it to Shark Tank in February 2017. As a professional bodybuilder and trainer, Efferding has garnered international acclaim. He was Mr. Olympia’s World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder and has over 25 years of coaching experience.

One of his students, Halfthor Bjornsson, went on to become one of the most accomplished bodybuilders and strongmen of the contemporary century. Stan remains a prominent figure on social media and in the fitness industry, where he offers online coaching and personal training.

Before Shark Tank, There Was the Kooler:

Before entering Shark Tank, this muscled entrepreneur works out in the backroom. He finally makes his way inside. He brings his work with him, which promises to be a more effective way of calming things down. In addition, he holds a significant weightlifting title.

Stan’s background in bodybuilding has given him a unique perspective on training effectiveness. Athletes are advised not to carry too many foods and drink containers to a single workout. His name is Stan Efferding, and his company is The Kooler. He’s looking for $50,000 in exchange for 15% of his company. He is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who owns the world powerlifting record.

The Kooler was created to carry all of the necessary hydration and nutrition for a trip to and from the gym. He’s known as “The White Rhino” in the industry and is the current Mr. Olympia World’s Strongest Body Builder. Athletes and gym-goers may get their water, electrolytes, and a protein shake all in one package.

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He has nearly two decades of expertise training athletes and professionals. When he tells his players to press a 200-pound dumbbell overhead, which he does and raises well above his head, he ensures that they eat well before the workout. It’s important to stay hydrated when deadlifting 600 pounds as he does for the Sharks.

Finally, if you’re flipping an 800-pound tire – which also happens to be flipped, leading Mark to leap into his sheet with hilarious effort – make sure your body is getting enough protein to recover. This event inspired Stan to build The Kooler. The Kooler is the world’s only cooler within a cooler.

A gallon of water is contained in this bottle, which can be taken throughout the day and while exercising. If you’re going to exercise, you’ll need to eat something afterward. When the shakers are added, they are poured over cold water, which cools everything down.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of The Kooler?

Stan approaches the Shark Tank show, asking for $50,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership in his Kooler company. He then deadlifts 600 pounds and flips an 800-pound tire while lifting 200 pounds above his head. After such a workout, the Kooler comes in handy since he needs a protein drink.

Before handing out samples, he shows and describes the product. Stan claims that “regular” folks and powerlifters would use it. In 16 months, he has sold $120,000 in GNC nutrition, The Vitamin Shop, and independently-owned stores, half in-store and half online. One Kooler costs $7 to make and sells for $32.95 (currently $19.98).

Stan is having trouble communicating the product and has decided to do an infomercial. Stan informs Kevin about his business background, and he’s impressed that he’s not another “meathead,” but Kevin dismisses it as too niche and departs. Mark thinks Stan can promote the goods well, but without a “catalyst,” he’s out. Lori has also bowed out since she does not believe the product will sell on QVC.

Robert believes it has a wide appeal, but he is still undecided. Daymond offers $50,000 in exchange for 33.3 percent after a brief wait. After questioning about “the guns,” Stan accepts. Daymond John offers $50,000 in exchange for a 33.3 percent share in The Koller.

What Happened to The Kooler After Shark Tank?

The Kooler is in a unique position of limbo: it’s available on Amazon, but only through a small number of retailers. Since all of these businesses are nutrition-related, Stan and Daymond should explain why they are not pursuing their fulfillment businesses.

This is why The Kooler has garnered so harsh criticism. In 74 customer evaluations, the Kooler had an average rating of 50%, earning it a 3-star rating. Leaks were mentioned in several evaluations, and several units arrived with a crack in the main chamber.

The spout is also broken, and several individuals have complained about it leaking all over them. Due to the terrible quality of the entire affair, several potential customers have been turned away. The Kooler is only available in three colors: black, green, and red, and it is not easily available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Update on The Kooler Shark Tank:

Negative Amazon reviews can derail a potentially hot item, putting a company’s prospects of survival in jeopardy. Instead of serving as a sales platform, Kooler’s website works as a front for Stan Efferding.

The new Kooler 2.0s, on the other hand, have five new features, including the ability to attach carabiners and store vitamins. Because the Kooler 2.0 is only available via Stan Efferding’s store, it’s difficult to say whether it’s a major improvement over the prior model.

Stan’s appearance on Shark Tank led him to Daymond John on HSN, where he immediately sold out of all of his inventory. In July 2018, they conducted testing at 100 Bed Bath & Beyond sites across Canada. In the spring of 2019, the Kooler will be available at 7000 Walgreens locations.

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The product had some manufacturing faults that caused leaks, and it garnered some unfavorable feedback. As long as these issues are resolved, the Walgreens launch should be successful. The problems seemed insurmountable. In June 2021, the company will close its doors. The Kooler website connects visitors to, where he sells nutrition plans, ebooks, and clothing. The Kooler is not mentioned on his website.

Is the Kooler Still in Business?

Stan Efferding received a $50,000 investment from Daymond John for 33 percent ($150,000 valuation) of The Kooler in Season 8 Episode 15 of Shark Tank. Stan has decided to shut down The Kooler in order to focus solely on his personal training and online coaching enterprises.

Stan is on social media and broadcasts the Vertical Podcast, which is based on his performance-based Vertical Diet, which he developed after 30 years of research, coaching, racing, and dieting.

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