The Dead Lands Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer

The Dead Lands Season 2
The Dead Lands Season 2

The Dead is an action-adventure television series based on the 2014 New Zealand film of the same name. Glenn Standring wrote the series, which is directed by Peter Burger and Michael Hurst. It is warmly received by viewers, but because it did not reach a large audience, just a few individuals have seen the series thus far.

According to IMDB reviews, the series is an overlooked gem, and those who have seen it can’t stop admiring it. When Waka Nuku Rao, a murdered Maori warrior, attempts to enter the afterlife, his ancestors forbid him, and he is advised to bring dignity among his people in order to enter the other world.

The Dead Lands Season 2 Cast

  • Te Kohe Tuhaka as Waka Nuku Ra
  • Darneen Christian as Mehe Te Wehiweh
  • Kirk Torrance as K
  • Vicky Haughton as Turik
  • Calvin Tuteao as Ih
  • Grace Palmer as Iringan
  • Miriama Smith as Te Pae
  • Jordi Webber as Rang

The Dead Lands Season 2 Release Date

Shudder has not made any statements on the series since the end of the last season. However, because there is no explicit information regarding its cancellation, we can assume that it is still possible for it to be renewed. Many television shows have been cancelled or delayed as a result of the pandemic, and Covid the Dead Lands may be one of those sad series. We’re not sure if the series was put back because of covid, but the postponement of season 2 suggests a pandemic. Regardless, we still hope for a renewal.

The Dead Lands Season 2 Story

Because the series is totally centred on Maori culture, we may see various facets of the culture with an exciting storyline and some fantastic characters. The first season mostly focused on the Maori’s respect for the deceased, therefore viewers may expect to witness their values, beliefs, customs, and traditions in the second season. We’re positive of one thing: the second season will be spectacular, with more fantastical elements, mythology, and stunning vistas.

The Dead Lands Season 1 Recap

A killed Maori warrior is denied entry into the hereafter and is urged to atone for his transgression by returning to the living land to bring glory to its people in order to walk the road of the afterlife. When he returns to the world of the living, he discovers that death has begun to roam the earth and has been tormenting his people. He collaborates with a young girl named Mehe to restore order to the planet in order to enter his next life. They both collaborate to make the world a better place for their people.

In the final episode of the series, the dead summon Mehe, and she sees her father, who tells her about their family’s horrible history. When she realises she is dreaming, her uncle threatens her with doing something for him if she truly wants to save her father; he begs her to devote her life to the world. He points her in the direction of the south and informs her about the warrior who can assist her.

In his dream, Waka encounters the witch, who warns him and tells him that he did not vanquish the warriors, but that they were the ones who let him win. He tells her he defeated them, but she ignores him and continues on about how he can defeat one worrier but not three. When she informs him that they let him leave, Waka wonders why. She informs him that the dead sigh, and they plot, but beware of the dead. Mehe informs him that the dead lie, so he doesn’t have to worry about what the witches said.

Waka informs Mehe that the man is plotting something and that he intends to sacrifice them. Mehe rejects his remarks and refuses to trust him, telling him that he, too, wants to fix the world, just like them. She invites him to join her since they need to help him. She then informs him that he assisted her in communicating with her ancestors. Waka informs her that what she did was risky and that she should not have done it.


The Dead Lands Season 2 Trailer

We will update the trailer as soon as it is launched by the creators.

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