Tekken 7 Pc Controls For Beginners and Professionals Both

Tekken 7 Pc Controls
Tekken 7 Pc Controls

Tekken is a famous 3D fighting game that is 30th in the most popular games to be bought. It is a fighting game. One can choose a player and fight different players. Here’s a basic list of Tekken 7 Pc Controls.

Tekken 7 was released in March 2015 and is the 9th installment of the Tekken game.

Tekken 7 Pc Controls For Beginners & Professionals

Tekken 7 Pc Controls

Keyboard Bindings:

A or Left Arrow – Walk Left

D or Right Arrow – Walk Right

W or Up Arrow – (Jump [Hold] or Strafe Up [Tap])

S or Down Arrow – (Crouch [Hold] or Strafe Down [Tap])

J or NumPad4 – Left Kick

K or NumPad5 – Right Kick

I or NumPad8 – Right Punch

U or NamPad7 – Left Punch

O or NumPad6 – Rage Arts

P or NumPad9 – Story Assist (Does not work online)

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Tekken 7 Pc Controls is what is shared which can be used for beginners and professionals as well.

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