Teen Mom Leah Messer Flaunts Her Curves in A Tight Crop Top Amid Speculation that She Is Expecting Her Fourth Child

Teen Mom Leah Messer Flaunts Her Curves in A Tight Crop Top Amid Speculation that She Is Expecting Her Fourth Child

LEAH Messer showed off her curves in a little crop top while revealing a new peek at her new grin.

The former Teen Mom has disputed claims that, while getting cosmetic dental work done with her partner Jaylan Mobley, she is expecting her fourth kid. The Teen Mom and her partner Jaylan Mobley keep denying rumors that she is expecting.

On Friday, Leah, 30, posted some of the images from her cosmetic adventure. Her boyfriend, a reality star, and she both had successful veneer surgery to give them whiter smiles.

Jaylan expressed his gratitude on Instagram.


He said, “This LOVE—is оurs, @leahmesser, and I’m glad we were able to do this COMBINED.” “Thank you for everything, @drdrewlyоns drjоyalyоns! Leah Messer and her 12-year-old daughter Aleeah are compared to “TWINS” by Teen Mom fans.

As Jaylan Mobley, Leah Messer’s boyfriend makes an NSFW sexual remark, the audience CRINGES.

We both had a great day, and we will without a doubt visit Smile Savvy again.

This was SO much fun, Leah wrote in the comments section, echoing her boyfriend’s appreciation. “Thank you so much, @drdrewlyons drjоyalyons, you guys are the finest!” The MTV personality promoted the use of her plastic surgeon by sharing a video of her veneer appointment earlier this month.

In the video, Leah Messer from MTV could be seen addressing the camera while wearing a vivid pink shirt. Hello everyone, I’m at Smile Savvy for my very first appointment with Dr. Julia to get veneers, she stated.

I’m nervous and incredibly excited, she admitted.

Later, Leah posted a second behind-the-scenes video that showed her having surgery and then beaming when it was over.

A Cause to Smile?


Leah may have new reasons to grin as long as people continue to think that she is carrying Jaylan’s child. They referred to a recent interview the reality star gave in honor of her 30th birthday.

Leah sighed and caressed her stomach after Jaylan asked her how she felt about turning 30 and she pondered the question as she gave it some thought. The reality star responded, “I feel it,” to Jaylan’s prediction that 2022 would be her finest year yet. I feel it.

One fan responded by writing, “The way she tоuched her stomach when he stated this was going to be the finest year yet.”

Another person added, “The ‘I feel it’ with her hand on her stomach.”

On Board a Baby?

Some claim they even detected a “baby bump” in photos of the actress with Jaylan taken in April. The mother-of-three was photographed in New York City on Leah’s birthday wearing a body-hugging, long-sleeved burgundy short dress and strappy gold high heels.

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Daughter Lola, 17, of Denise and Charlie, was engaged in a frightening auto accident.

Is Leah pregnant? one person bluntly asked in the comments section. another person said, “I notice a slight baby bump,”

Aleeah and Alannah, twins who are 12 years old, who she shares with her ex-Crey Simms, as well as Adalynn, 9, who she shares with Jeremy Calvert, are already Leah’s children.

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