Tasha Smith Divorce: Tasha Smith Seeks a Divorce| Check Why She Is Paying $7 K/month to His Ex!

tasha smith divorce

Very few individuals can look at their companion and declare, “This is love.” Google defines it as complex emotions, beliefs, and more. This generation expresses love with emoticons. For most, love is trust.

The betrayal slows you down to 5000 mph and numbs your heart. Tasha Smith must have felt the same way when she divorced Keith Douglas. Keith is Tasha Smith’s ex-husband. Find out why they divorced.

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Tasha Smith’s Ex-Husband

Tasha Smith Divorce

Beautiful actress, director, and producer Tasha Smith is stunning. Boston Common launched her career. Her success spawned movies and TV shows. Keith Douglas, aka Rory “Keith” Douglas, is Tasha Smith’s ex-husband. He managed Exhale, Boxed in, and Good Day in L.A.

Tasha Smith’s ex-partner is a God-fearing, family- and community-oriented man. So he said. He also led RKD Music and Talent Management. Tasha Smith’s ex-husband was her business partner; they launched the organic perfume “US” in 2011.


2010 saw Tasha Smith marry her ex-boyfriend. After months together, the pair married. Tasha Smith’s manager’s husband made multiple appearances with her. The ex-couple looked delighted.

However, Tasha Smith’s happiness was short-lived. Tasha requested a restraining order against Douglas in 2014. Smith’s ex-partner had two wives and didn’t notify her.

Smith’s Divorce

Trisha Campbell-Martin was Tasha Smith’s buddy. Trisha’s Instagram.

She also learned that Keith was married before meeting Tasha. Disgusting. 2015 was the final divorce filing. Smith said her ex-boyfriend wasn’t who he said he was during their courtship. Douglas’ evidence includes five marriages, many children, and ten years of unpaid taxes.

Keith Douglas’ dishonesty led the judge to invalidate the marriage in December 2015.

Divorce Mess

Building a house with two limbs, caring eyes, and a kind smile requires trust, vulnerability, and roof-sharing. Houses take years to build but seconds to destroy. Tasha Smith’s divorce was also traumatic.

Tasha’s marriage was annulled in December, but she had to pay her ex-husband $7,000 a month in spousal support and $50,000 after their dysfunctional divorce. The man who accused Tasha of being gay and having affairs looked different.

Smith’s Divorce

Tasha Smith overcomes her nasty divorce with friends and family. Tasha’s Instagram.

The two had more drama. Keith Douglas’ reaction to the annulment was ugly. His dual nature was established when he thanked God for being the final judge while making terrible accusations against Smith. He stated that Tasha’s ‘drugs, sickness, and broken reproductive system’ destroyed her emotions.

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Tasha Smith’s anguish grew over time. Let’s hope everything ends well and she finds a fly-man to make her happier. Some accounts say Tasha dates Michael K. Williams.

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