Tana Mongeau Net Worth: American Model Income, Career and Other Updates!


A rapper and internet celebrity from the United States named Tana Mongeau is well-known for both her acting and good looks. Her full name is Tana Marie Mongeau. Her most popular platform is probably her YouTube channel, where she has more than 5 million subscribers and is best known for her “Storytime” video series.

She used her initial YouTube fame to launch a music career and an MTV show, among other endeavors. Mongeau is well-known for her “Storytime” YouTube video series and her own MTV program, MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.

Early Life

Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998. Richard Mongeau is Tana Mongeau’s father, and Rebecca Mongeau is Tana’s mother. In her video titled “My parents react to Hefner,” both of her parents can be seen.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Tana Mongeau was born and raised. She attended Green Valley High School in Las Vegas for her education. She started her career by posting “storytime” YouTube videos about her crazy life. Her career later transitioned into music, and in the not too distant future, she will become a reality television star.

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By setting up her YouTube channel in 2015 under the name Tana Mongeau, Mongeau first entered the world of social media. According to SocialBlade, Mongeau attracted her first million subscribers and subsequently over 100 million views.

Tana has achieved great fame and stardom as a result of her extraordinary ability to court controversy. KICKED OUT OF A WALMART, her first popular YouTube video, helped her establish a presence on Google’s well-liked platform.

She claimed in 2017 that the FBI was looking into her after receiving bomb threats through her hacked email.

After becoming well-known as a YouTuber and utilizing her success, Mongeau decided to branch out and release her debut single, “Hefner,” the same year. Bella Thorne, who was Mongeau’s current love interest, is featured in the music video for this single. Mongeau made an appearance on Maury that very same month, a well-known talk show hosted by Maury Povich.


In 2019, MTV approached Mongeau and offered her a lead role in her own reality series, “Tana Turns 21,” which debuted around the same time as the release of her fourth single, “FaceTime.” In addition to her own reality series, Mongeau has made appearances in four episodes of “Shane and Friends” and “Escape the Night,” a murder mystery program.

Net Worth

Based on the assumption that YouTube channels make anywhere between $3 and $7 per 1,000 views, Net Worth Spot calculates that the Tana Mongeau YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of about $764,400 and generates an estimated $191,100 annually. However, these are conservative estimates, and Tana Mongeau may make more than $343,980 annually.

Few mainstream brands want to risk their reputations by working with Mongeau because of the content she posts, which is divisive.

Due to her controversial and offensive content, the self-described “struggling demonetized influencer” currently does not make much money from YouTube via AdSense and was thus forced to look elsewhere to amass that $4 million valuation.

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Personal Life

Tana Mongeau is divorced. After parting ways with Jake Paul in January 2020, she is currently unattached. Although she acknowledged that her marriage to Jake Paul was illicit, she genuinely loved him. Since then, Jake Paul has allegedly been seeing Julia Rose, but recent social media activity makes it seem like the couple has broken up.


Tana and actress and singer Bella Thorne had an open relationship. Tana was dating Canadian blogger Brad Sousa at the same time, but in April she found out he had cheated on her. She previously dated YouTubers Somer Hollingsworth, Kian Lawley, and rapper Lil Xan.


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