Top 7 Tall Volleyball Players In The World

tall volleyball players
tall volleyball players

There is no doubt that volleyball is a sport dominated by tall players. The average height of both men and women in the sport is significantly greater than the average height of the population as a whole. But which 7 players are the tallest of them all? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the top athletes who tower over their opponents on the volleyball court.

7 Tall Volleyball Players In The World

Volleyball is a game where taller players have an advantage. In this sport, there are people who are tall and people who are extremely tall. What exactly does it imply to be “extremely tall”? You must be at least 7 feet tall. If you’re as tall as that, you have a significant edge, but keep in mind that height isn’t everything.

So, who are the tallest volleyball players?

1. Wuttichai Suksara– 224 cm (7.35 ft)

Wuttichai Suksara
Wuttichai Suksara

Some individuals still think that Dmitrij Musersky is the world’s tallest volleyball player. Thai Wuttichai Suksara is now 6 cm taller, so that isn’t the case any longer. Some sources claim Suksara is 224 cm in height, while others say she’s 222. That said, there is no other volleyball player that is taller than him at the moment. Suksara was found to have gigantism because of her height, which wasn’t typical. What’s remarkable is that at the age of 13 he was already 198 cm tall (6.5 ft). His siblings are considerably larger than their relatives.

Wuttichai Suksara wears a size 56 (Europe) or 22 (USA), making it difficult to locate the ideal pair of shoes for him. He is still competing in the Thai league, but if he improves his fitness and technique, he may join a better European squad. Here are some additional fascinating facts that you may learn in this post.

2. Dmitrij Muserskiy- 218 cm (7.2 ft)

Dmitrij Muserskiy
Dmitrij Muserskiy

Dmitrij Muserskiy is a well-known volleyball player. This is due to his exceptional height. He is the world’s tallest volleyball player, standing at a height of 7.2 feet (218 cm). He is the largest volleyball on the international level, playing regularly in World Championships, World Cups, and European Championships. Some people think Andirej Woronkow, a former Russian volleyball player, that Muserskiy was the greatest player on the planet in 2013 owing to his intellect and ambition.

Some claim he’s the best player ever, whereas I don’t agree with them. He was, of course, instrumental in helping the Russian national team win the World League, Olympic Games, and European Championship, but he had his ups and downs. Because of his height, Dmitrij is very popular in Japan and currently plays for the Suntory Sunbirds. He even gripes that Japanese ceilings are too low for him, yet overall he is a nice and helpful buddy.

3. Bartlomiej Lemanski– 217 cm (7.1 ft)

Bartlomiej Lemanski
Bartlomiej Lemanski

This Polish youngster is a genuine giant. He was born in 1996, so he’s still quite young, and he has the potential to win many medals for his teams. Bartlomiej Lemanski confesses that he has a hard time determining the correct fit of clothing, particularly suits and shoes. His foot length is 50 EUR. Until he was 13 years old, he wasn’t particularly tall. He began his volleyball career after being forced to participate in training by his mother.

His greatest achievement to date is a silver medal at the World Cup in 2019 as a volleyball player. At the age of 18, he made his debut in the Polish league. His current team is Asseco Resovia Rzeszow. He’s not the greatest volleyball player yet, but he may develop into it. Right now, you may view the best volleyball players here.

4. Renan Zanatta Buiatti- 217 cm (7.1 ft)

Renan Zanatta Buiatti
Renan Zanatta Buiatti

Another volleyball player that doesn’t have to put in much effort to block the opponent is Renan Zanatta Buiatti. His height isn’t the only thing that makes him stand out. He has great mobility and coordination, even though he’s tall. He spent the bulk of his career playing in Brazilian clubs, although he also spent time playing in Europe. He’s had a few individual honors, including the Best Blocker on the Brazilian League and the Best Opposite on the Pan American Games.

In 2014, he won the World Championship and the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup with Brazil. With his club, Sada Cruziero, he achieved his greatest success when he won the FIVB Club World Championship in 2016. His greatest asset is blocking and accurate predictions.

5. Leandro Martins da Silva- 216 cm (7.09 ft)

Leandro Martins da Silva
Leandro Martins da Silva

He’s a Brazilian, just as the rest of these people. Some reports claim he is 216 inches tall and others that he is 217 inches tall. He is tall, however. He’s a center for Brazilian Vôlei Itapetininga. He used to play for Sesi São Paulo, where he won the Brazilian Superleague in 2011, and Al-Arabi Doha, Lebes Canoas, and Anapolis Volei before. You’ll notice that he doesn’t even need to leap to block. Because he is one of a few people, he is the opposite; this means he has exceptional coordination and leaping abilities.

6. Alexander Kazakov- 216 cm (7.09 ft)

Alexander Kazakov
Alexander Kazakov

Though Alexander Kazakov is no longer active, he is remembered for his enormous height. He is a true giant at 7.09 feet tall, and he’s just slightly shorter than his countryman Dmitrij Muserskiy. He was chosen as the best Russian player in 1998. In 2004, he claimed a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Athens. In 2002, Cimone Modena Kazakow took home the Italian Championship.

7. Kay van Dijk- 215 cm (7.05 ft)

Kay van Dijk
Kay van Dijk

Kay Van Dijk is a real traveller. He has played for 18 different clubs in his career. He has a trophy or two on his resume, including the Slovenian Championship in 2011 and the Belgium Championship in 2008. He was once a member of the Trentino Volley, but he only played as a substitute. In his country, he amassed 180 appearances with the national team and won a silver medal in the European League in 2008. Even though he is well over 30 years old, he continues to work harder and harder every day, according to his official website.

How Tall Is The Average Men’s Volleyball Player?

The tall volleyball players on this list are anomalies. In reality, volleyball players aren’t particularly tall. We all know that volleyball players are tall, but how much? What is the average height of a volleyball player?

The average volleyball player is 196,02 cm (6.43 ft).

It’s not an exact figure, since 10 clubs might be insufficient to assess, but it’s a decent overview overall. I believe the typical volleyball player is approximately 194-197 cm tall.

Who Is The Tallest Libero?

You might be wondering who the tallest libero is and how tall he or she is.

Well, as you already know, liberos are often the shortest players on the team, but that isn’t always the case.

It’s typical for liberos to be 190 cm (6,2 ft) tall, but there is a libero who is 208 cm (6,8 ft) tall. It’s Mr. Aleksander Bogomolov. In a Zenit Kazan-Bielogorie Bielgorod match, he served as a libero. Normally, he goes in the middle of the pack as a middle blocker in games, but because of sickness, he had to take Aleksiej Obmoczajew’s place.

That is, Grigoriy Kuz’minov was the champion of Bielogorie.…

How Tall Is The Tallest Girl Volleyball Player?

Perhaps you’re curious to know who the volleyball game’s tallest female is.

In volleyball, we can plainly see that women are shorter than males. The tallest male volleyball player is 2.24 m (7 ft 6 in). Female volleyball players reach heights of 207 cm (6,8 ft) tall. Alba Hernandez from Puerto Rico is the player. She’s a middle blocker for the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg club and is from Puerto Rico.

Anna Kajalina (205 cm, 6.7 ft), Dana Rettke (203 cm, 6.66 ft) and Gabriela Polanska (201 cm, 6.58 ft) are other tall women in volleyball.


The end of the post provides a list of all 7 players and their stats. This is meant to provide some context for who was included in the top 7 tall volleyball players In The World. They are ranked by height, with the tallest on the left and the shortest on right.

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