Table 87 Shark Tank Updates: What Happened to Table 87 Pizza After Shark Tank?

table 87 shark tank

What Is Table 87 Pizza All About?

Table 87 is New York’s only coal-oven pizza restaurant that sells slices of coal-oven pizza. There are perhaps a dozen other places in the city that serve coal fire pizza, but they don’t sell it by the slice.

There are two advantages to cooking with coal. The first reason is nostalgic: coal was the primary fuel at the time, thus all of the earliest pizza businesses in New York City in the early 1900s used it. The second reason is that coal burns hotter than wood, resulting in a crispier crust when compared to wood-fired ovens.

A quick look at the Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza reviews indicates that the community loves it. Prosciutto, Baby Arugula, Mozzarella San Marzano Tomatoes, House-Made Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers, Fontana Cheese, and Wild Mushrooms are just a handful of the available toppings.

Who Is the Founder of Table 87 Pizza?

table 87 shark tank

Thomas Cucco, the originator, is of Italian American descent, and coal-fired pizza has a long and illustrious history. Table 87 in Brooklyn, New York, is the epicenter, and it serves it up like no other. Table 87 has been family-owned and operated since 2012, bringing the true classic Italian dining experience to life in three locations.

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“The Home of the Coal Oven Slice” is how we refer to ourselves. Other pizzerias would fire and serve a full pie at the same time, but Thomas Cucco changed everything. They’re the only place in town that sells slices of freshly made authentic coal oven pizza. Due to technical breakthroughs, Cucco was able to burn coal. The old coal ovens were dirty and produced a lot of soot.

Cleaner-burning coal and new gas-assisted coal ovens burn significantly cleaner than their counterparts from the early twentieth century. As a result, great pizza and coal-fired ovens are constructed. It’s now more convenient than ever to get to know our pizza. Table 87 frozen pizzas are delivered straight from the freezer to the plate, guaranteeing that you can have an authentic Brooklyn coal-fired pizza pie at your local supermarket, online, or at home.

At the Shark Tank Pitch, What Happened to Table 87 Pizza?

Tom Cucco proposes that the Sharks consume a piece of his pizza business, Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza, in Shark Tank episode 706. Cucco was looking for a Shark to help with the expansion or finance of Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza outlets.

The pitch starts with a video shot at Tom’s Brooklyn studio. He explains how he got started and says he needs money to buy more equipment to streamline his business. When he first appeared on Shark Tank, he sought $200,000 in return for a 10% interest in his $2 million company.

He introduces his new frozen coal oven pizza, which has never been seen before. He uses fresh ingredients that are cooked rapidly in his coal ovens (2 minutes), and then the slices and pies are flash frozen. After a few “FUGGETABOUTITS,” he hands out pizza samples to the Sharks, who devour them.

Mr. Wonderful argues that since pizza is a commodity, it is a tough business to flourish in, but Tom believes that his pizza is the best. He’s already generated $260,000 in frozen pizza sales and needs another $200,000 to build a commercial kitchen. He sells the pizzas to the grocer for $6.50 each, and the firm sells them for $11 to $12 each.

He makes it clear that the Sharks are solely interested in frozen pizza companies. Tom claims that bigger firms like DOMINOS are incompetent and that Amazon Fresh is interested in his product. Mark wanted to know how you heard it. Because it was precooked, Tom says you may eat it cold. Mark identified the opportunity as one that could be accessed on-demand and over the internet.

Robert has decided to leave the company because it is too competitive. Mr. Wonderful feels the company is overpriced, but he wants to see how the other Sharks fare.

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Barbara feels he was exploring too many options; she indicates that if they reach an agreement, she just wants to sell single slices and will make an offer, but she wants a greater portion of the company. She offers $200,000 for a 30% ownership in the company after a little delay.

Mr. Wonderful shouts, “OUCH!” She devoured a whole slice of your pie!” Separating the restaurant and frozen pizza companies, he feels, is impossible. He proposes a royalty contract, paying Tom $200,000 plus a 25-cent-per-slice charge until he recoups $600,000. Tom says he will think about it.

Lori enjoys the pizza and makes an “awful proposition” to Tom. She was offered $250,000 in exchange for a 20% stock stake in the company with no strings attached. Tom was able to provide whole pies as well as pieces. She boasts about her retail contacts, claiming that he could sell pies and slices to bars and other establishments.

ON DEMAND pizza, according to Mark, is a jackpot. He goes after stating that he will be a customer. Lori is in need of a quick reaction. Tom proposes that she take 18% stock shares, but Lori replies with 19% equity shares.

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During these conversations, Barbara tries to re-enter the deal, but Tom accepts Lori’s offer of $200,000 for 19 percent of the company’s shares, prompting Barbara to lament, “She feels like a woman scorned.” Tom ultimately got a contract at the end of his pitch.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Table 87 Pizza?

table 87 shark tank

Despite the fact that the Lori agreement went through, Cucco’s frozen pizza line grew rapidly over the years. His frozen pizza is now available at hundreds of grocery stores around the country, including Wegmans, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, and others, as of August 2021.

He now has the majority of his distribution east of the Mississippi, but he plans to expand across the country. The company is still in operation as of February 2022, with yearly revenue of $5 million.

Table 87 Pizza’s Net Worth:

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million. Since then, the company’s estimated net value has increased to $10 million.

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