Ta Ta Towel Shark Tank Updates 2022: What Happened to Ta Ta Towel After the $200,000 Deal on Shark Tank?

ta ta towel shark tank

What Exactly Is a Ta-Ta Towel?

Ta-Ta Towel is a device created as a simple workaround for breastfeeding mothers concerned about public nudity. Erin Robertson, an entrepreneur, and veteran designed the product.

The company was created by Erin Robertson in 2015. The invention is the answer for the tens of thousands of women who wish to breastfeed in public but fear flashing strangers. Additionally, the device has been developed with discrete pockets for storing a smartphone, keys, and credit cards.

Essential pockets are readily accessible, allowing users to obtain these goods while breastfeeding. The machine-washable towel costs $45. (including shipping and handling).

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Who Is the Founder of Ta-Ta Towel?

Erin Robertson is the founder of Ta-Ta Towel. The company was launched in 2015, and both Robertson and Robertson own a fashion brand. Erin Robertson discusses breast perspiration in females. Inspiring her war against perspiration was a steamy LA evening spent getting ready for a date.

Her faulty air conditioner caused her Ta-Tas to perspire heavily. She attempted numerous methods to dry herself, but none were successful. Throughout her date, she was preoccupied with her perspiring breasts. Later that night, her ruminations kept her awake, and she eventually had the realization.

ta ta towel shark tank

She rented a sewing machine, watched a number of YouTube tutorials on sewing, and began working, discarding every towel she owned in the process. Once she had prototypes, she shared them with her coworkers.

One of my acquaintances experienced sores under her breasts due to excess moisture. The Tata Towel cured her, and another breastfeeding acquaintance found it to be pleasant and simple to use.

Erin Robertson obtained a copyright for her towels, which she currently sells for use at the spa, the gym, or simply for lounging. She sews each Tata Towel by hand from the softest fabric she can locate, and they range in price from $35 to $45 and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. As each color and style is still hand-made, there are constraints on quantity.

What Happened to Ta-Ta Towel at Shark Tank Pitch?

Erin Robertson following the original idea of Ta-Ta Towel has to scale up her manufacturing to suit the demands of a broader market, and Shark investors can assist her.

Erin Robertson appears on Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for a 10% stake in a $2 million startup. She says that her organization specializes in keeping breasts dry. As she distributes samples, she describes how she created her product, and then three models present their Ta-Tas.

Kevin provides grapefruits. Erin Robertson evaluates him. She has design patents for both the original and maternity versions, as well as name trademarks.

The originals cost $45 and the pregnant version costs $55, and it costs $24 to manufacture each pair. In 2017, she generated $1.1 million in sales. In 2018, the product’s sales totaled $180,000 due to its rising popularity. All towels are handmade in Los Angeles by women.

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The Sharks are concerned due to the fact that she has 10,000 units in stock. Lori offers $200,000 for a 50% stake in the company, which is worth $400,000. Erin Robertson is in a relationship, and she does not wish to be degraded.

She counteroffers $200,000 in exchange for forty percent ownership of her company, which is valued at $500,000. Lori Greiner and Erin Robertson have finally to an agreement.

What Happened to Ta-Ta Towel After Shark Tank?

Following Erin Robertson’s celebration on the field, the deal with Lori was never finalized. Some of the products are now accessible on Amazon in addition to the company’s website, where they were previously only sold.

The company continues to manufacture towels in Los Angeles, and sales are increasing. In 2021, the company’s annual sales will total $1 million.

Net Worth of Ta-Ta Towel

During the pitch, the company was valued at $2 million; however, recent sales growth will cause the company’s valuation to rise in 2022.

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