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Switzerland Time Bank- Save Your Time In The Bank

Have you ever heard of any term like Switzerland Time Bank?


Wait, today I will tell you the latest news about Switzerland Time Bank and why this has been launched and it’s benefits too.

According to me this is a very good innitiative taken by the government.

Let’s Start now.

Switzerland Time Bank
Switzerland Time Bank

What Does Switzerland Time Bank Stands For?

It is a well known fact that you can save money in the bank and withdraw it when you need it. But can you save your time in the bank and take it later when needed?

Switzerland has made a unique project in the world. Switzerland’s Ministry of Social Security has launched a time bank called “Time Bank“, a modern pension scheme for the elderly.

Who Can I Open Account in Switzerland Time Bank

Anyone can open an account with Time Bank. Account holders can save their time in this. Then you can use that time when needed. Those who open an account with this bank should help others in their spare time.

For something like this for the elderly or the disabled or the poor, they need to go home and do what they need to do. For example, you can cook for them and go to the shops to buy groceries. They can be taken to the hospital.

Switzerland Time Bank Benefits

Time Bank saves time by saving time like this by opening an account in Switzerland Time Bank or sending people in time of need of assistance in old age. It will deduct from the time you save in the bank.

At the end of each year, a “time saving card” is issued to calculate the number of hours credited to the account. Switzerland’s program is not only a great way to reduce the country’s pension costs, but also a great social solution. The majority of Swiss citizens support the geriatric welfare program.


So, this was from my side about Switzerland Time Bank for you. If you like it do share with your elders. And also share if this is required in your country too.


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